Thank you for your incredible response.  For 21 days, I will be answering one of your psychic questions per day.   I have not looked at any of the questions that have come in.  So I, like you, have no idea what to expect.   They have all been re-routed to my GIP, Lisha Mckoy... (For those of you who are new to my blog, any "unrecognizable" term you see in orange can be found in my Gemtionary.)  Lisha and I are gearing up to co-host a podcast together (we will let you know when we launch) and we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to begin to work together.  Lisha will be sending me one question per day, I will meditate on it and answer it.  Now there is no rhyme or reason to how she is choosing them, so don't try to woo her into picking your question, she's a woman of great integrity who can't be bought...well not for cheap anyway... he he just kiddin Lish.  Anyway... keep your questions coming, we may be swayed to do another 21 days. Let the games begin!

Paul W. of NYC, U.S asks...

Hi Gemma,

I am at a cross roads with my career. Money is very tight and am considering what to do next. Could you give me some insight as to which path would be best for me at this point?  Many Thanks!

Well Paul, THEY immediately show me building or construction.  You already have skills in a specific field (could literally be building and construction or a trade similar to.) Symbolically (as they often are) they are also saying you that you need to go step by step and build on what you already have as a resource and carefully construct your future instead of being impulsive. Career shifts sometimes take time especially if you are going from one thing to something completely other.  Your money being tight right now is putting you in a bit of a panic and blocking/clouding your vision to your bigger dream and making you doubt it.  Please realize that your current reality is NOT permanent so DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER GIVING UP YOUR DREAM.  Stop telling yourself that you'll never get out of this or that it won't happen for you and that you need to be "practical" instead.  Lose the word "instead."  You can be what you're calling "practical," for  a bit while you build toward your dream.  See using what you have to fix your immediate money sitch will give you the peace of mind you need to see past today and create your reality and make your dream happen.

Ok, so more specifically, the construction, building or the training you already have under your belt will bring your more immediate money - within the next 4 months you will be getting a few jobs but one in particular will be steady.  Accept these jobs when they come to you and keep them for a minute (actually till around mid-summer.) This will bring and keep your head above water which will help you to breathe easier.  HOWEVER... Don't settle...this is not what you ultimately will be satisfied doing, so use this work as a means to an end and start working towards (and if that means schooling or taking some courses, do it) your dream of starting your own business/practice (not so sure why they want me to use the word practice.)  This by the way will happen around next September.  Oh, and lose all pride and stubbornness and be very open to the advice of the prominent woman in your life (wife/girlfriend) she knows what she's talkin about when it comes to business so let her kinda take the reigns.  Great Luck to you Paul.

LISTEN UP PEEPS... Sometimes our current situations seem so bad that we forget that they are NEVER EVER permanent.  This can skew our vision and make us believe that we are doomed to our reality forever.  Do what you need to do to clear your vision and see beyond your immediate sitch.  Don't forget... YOU create YOUR reality.

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