Marie V. of USA asks...Hi Gemma, This is such a great idea....my question is...Will arthroscopic surgery on my hip be the solution for my left hip and leg issues?

Hey Marie, Ok so I have to say first and foremost I AM NOT A DOCTOR nor should I or any psychic ever be the replacement for one.

That being said, here's what I got.  I don't know if this makes sense but THEY are saying that before you decide to do the surgery you should do some physical therapy first.  It seems that this way even if you chose the surgery, you'd get a jump on things and your recovery would be much stronger, quicker and there are much better chances this way of the the hip and leg being really good.  THEY also say acupuncture in conjunction with the pre-surgery therapy is a good idea.  The acupuncture may simply be for pain control, but it's like they work together in a really great way and depending on how you feel, you may be able to avoid the surgery for now.  Again please discuss this option with your doc to see if it makes sense (that is if she/he has not already suggested it.)

Now listen to me, you have to be diligent about excercising it in and out of therapy... no slacking as it feels there may be a tendency with you to slack when it comes to excercise.  Like walking isn't enough.  So to be blunt... DON'T BE LAZY!!  So in a nutshell, Marie, I would say acupuncture and therapy first and then surgery if these two don't make a huge change.  Finally... keep positive and always moving forward.  It will get hard at times, as things can, but nothing... NOTHING is permanent so don't throw in the towel.  Visualize your legs healthy and working great. Hold onto that vision and move towards it.

Listen up peeps, I want to stress again that a psychic should never ever take the place of a doctor.  A psychic can point you in the direction of a doctor or give you things to ask your doctor but the bottom line is that medical people should take care of physical issues and psychic mediums should take care of metaphysical issues. Great luck to you Marie.

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