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Hi Gemma, I lost my job two years ago due to discrimination, I have tried fighting it but to no avail.  Nothing has happened due to the fact that in the state of new york an at will employee can be terminated for any reason. Although I still have not giving up on fighting this I think I found a lawyer that knows where to look and what to do. But in the meantime I cannot find a job in my field I have been looking and sending out my resume but have not received any leads as of yet. Well I have depleted all my monies and am now looking into public assistance and bankruptcy. Do you see anything for me a job, any retribution from this termination? Is there any light at this tunnel for me? I'm slowly giving up on hope, faith and honesty... Please Help. Many Many Thanks
Hey Stephanie, let me cut to the chase...To answer your questions in a nutshell yes (retribution) and yes (employment)... HOWEVER, here's the thing, the retribution you talk of for the termination will come way down the road, I want to actually say years from now and they showed me a 7 so it may take as long as 7 years.  Don't sit around waiting on it.  I don't think it will be everything you ask for, but it will be a good lump sum.  The lawyer I'm seeing that will win this for you is an older man with possibly a B name. Now don't get stuck on that because sometimes names and numbers are difficult but they showed me a B for his name.  Your gut will scream to you that he is the right person for the job. A big indicator is that he will only charge if he wins the case, after you get your money, so if you don't know this man yet he will come to you soon.  He may even have been a contact through your old job somehow.  Leave it alone, he will present to you.  He's very good at what he does and once you turn the case over to him, turn the case over to him!  Do not focus your attention there any more, if he needs something from you, he will let you know.  In other words you don't have to micro-manage it in any way which you have a tendency to do.
Now I want to talk to you about where your focusing your energy because I think this is the big thing here that will create change for you.  I know you have been actively looking for a job.  But you have been looking with an air of disgruntled resentment and desperation.  It feels.  Like, "I have been wronged, and now I'm screwed.  Look what they have done to  me."  If I'm being perfectly honest, which I always try to be, it's a poor me victim attitude.  This energy is why you've gotten no leades.  The other thing is that you have majorly lost faith, like "Why is god doing this to me."  I want you to change your perspective.  You are being given this experience because whatever work you did can and will go to another level because of this experience.
Here's an example... Say your field is social work, you will now branch off and specialize in social work for people who are discriminated against.  You would never have been able to fully relate to these people (which is important to you) had you not felt it yourself.  Now you will be on a mission to not just help them but to really have all the resources they need to fight a fight that they would not have known how to.  Another thought is that maybe you didn't go to the highest level of your field that you could.  Take law for example, let's say you worked in a law firm where you were a paralegal but always felt you should be a lawyer... this experience will be the thing that pushes you further along.  So, take that energy, that anger and resentment and channel it to growth and going higher.  You enjoyed your job, but you wanted more, now you have the perfect opportunity to have that, should you so choose.
Any time you find yourself in a not so desirable sitch,(first nugget here peeps) instead of seeing yourself as a vicitm, a good practice is to say, "what is the opportunity I'm being given here for growth.  And it's then just as important to always be grateful for those opportunities.
So now let's talk about your immediate sitch...You are being way too short sighted and one tracked.  "I need a job in my field."  Be willing to find a job a little outside your field and trust and believe that the Hp will lead you to exactly where you need to be.  You are so adamant about finding a job in your field that you aren't seeing other opportunities that are popping up.  You are overlooking jobs that don't perfectly fit into your field.  I know you feel desperate, but desperation comes from lack of faith.  Believe that you are never given more than you can handle.  Believe that there is a reason for this and everything.  Believe that no matter how "bad" things get, they WILL get better and Believe that your Hp will lead you to where you need to be and when I say believe I mean know that all this is true and that you will without question be ok.
Once you flip your perspective and open yourself up, listen up here peeps, EVERYTHING changes.  See, the universe responds to energy and if you are focusing on what you don't have, what you can't get or what you are confined to, you will keep yourself in a state of lack and want.  If on the other hand you focus on being open and expecting that whatever needs to happen will.  If you focus on the end result of "I will be happy and prosperous in my work realm" and you see yourself smiling while you do fullfilling work, then you will call that into your reality.  That's the Law of Attraction.  Also very important is don't focus on the specifics of the journey, don't micro-manage the process, that's not your business.  Leave that to the Hp. Like with the lawyer, when you turn something over, turn it over.
More specifically to your sitch, Stephanie, once you flip it (your perspective that is) you will very quickly get 3 interviews.  Throw image and practicality out the window.  I suggest you go with the job that seems more fun an environment even though it is less prestigious and "in your field."  It feels like the quickest and easiest route and it will be fun and you will meet amazing people.  You will feel this in your gut but then you will try to talk yourself out of it (as you often do) for "practical reasons."  Poppycock I say.  (I love saying that!!!) I would ask you to do the opposite of what you normally do (staying in the safety zone.)  Do what scares you  but what you inherently know in your gut will be a great thing.  This could actually happen as quickly as within a month if you allow it to. By the summer I see you happy and thriving, barely remembering how you feel today.
Oh.. Another thing you seem to have forgotten to do which is also very critical in creating your reality and listen up here again peeps, is gratitude gratitude gratitude.  Be thankful for all you do have here and now.  Even if it is simply the fact that you can get up and make a cup of coffee and sit at your computer.  BE GRATEFUL.  A great practice for this is a gratitude list.  Make it the last thing you do at night - list at least 5 things you are grateful for  Do this right before your last POSITIVE thought which is yet another great practice that calls good stuff to you quicker - make your last waking thought a positive one.  You will marinate on that thought for your 8 plus sleeping hours, why not let that time work for you.  You'll be amazed what shifting your focus will do.  Bottom line is, things will ultimately work out for your Stephanie, it's just entirely up to you as to how quickly that will happen.  Great luck.
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