Brian H. asks...

What is the meaning of life? What's the point of living? Why are we here?

My first thought of your question was wow... how do I answer such a broad and deep question in a blog post without re-writing War and Peace.  But with "2012" upon us (in my opinion NOT the end of the world but a shift in spiritual awareness and enlightenment) It seems that many peeps are now starting to question the same thing, so well done Brian, what perfect timing.

Let's go in the order you asked the questions...

What is the meaning of life?

"The Meaning of life" is very specific to each person.  If we ask it in a different way, "What is your purpose?" I think it maybe a little easier to understand that question.  I don't think there is one general answer to that question.  If you ask me, I will say to help people by doing my spiritual work.  If you ask someone else they may say to fight big businesses in a court of law.  Each person's "Meaning of life," is very different and only they can tell you what it is.

What's the point of living? Why are we here?

I put these together because I think once we know why we are here, we immediately realize what the point is. I think the basic reason that we choose to be here on this planet is for learning and spirit growth.  As far as I know, Earth is the hardest planet to be on.  It was created that way to give us greater opportunity to grow.  We choose to come here for quicker spiritual growth and the negativity here allows for that.  Our growth wouldn't be nearly as quick if we stayed on the other side which is all positive.  Now it's not that we don't grow should we choose to stay there and never come here, it's just that negative experiences allow us to grow much much quicker.  And knowing that being here in comparison to eternity is really just a snap of the finger, makes us incredibly ambitious to undertake challenges and obstacles in life.  Now once we come here and lose our memory of the other side it can feel like way too much and be overwhelming, and life feels very long.  But that's all part of the challenge and growth.

What I'm saying is that I believe that before we come here, we sit down and write our own story in great detail (part of free will.  The other part is actually the choices we make when we are here.)  We write these stories with spirit guides and elders helping us and also with the characters we are going to place in our great epoch agreeing to play this role or that role, we contract with every single one of them when we write our story.  This is why a lot of times we know something and "just don't know why," or we have a deja vu.  Because we wrote the story and even though our recall is wiped, sometimes we have glimpses of recollection the story we have written.  For example, the first portion of my life was spent in the suburbs but since I was a young kid, I would tell people I will move to the city when I turn 17... I just knew I would.  Everyone took it very lightly at the time probably thinking I didn't know what I was talking about but I remember that feeling being so totally strong.  Guess what?  I moved to the city when I was 17.  This may also help to explain better how I do what I do.  My "gift" allows me access to your story, hence my being able to "read" your (story which tells me your) future.

I could go on an on with this topic but those are my thoughts in a nutshell.  Fab question Brian, I hope you have found your purpose and if not I know you are on your way to doing so.  Great luck to you!

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