Eypraksia K from Greece writes...

My question.the truth is that i feel little weard but here it is:if with my ex relationship will be together again soon or at future or we are get end for ever.thank you so much!

Hi Eyrpraksia.  I'm going to just be blunt here.  I'm sorry but it's over.  I wish I could tell you something differently but I can only say what I see.  THEY are saying that your ex had, "big dreams of business and success" and he did not see you as part of this future.  I keep seeing him driving away on a scooter or motor bike.  This indicates to me a free spirit that goes in search of more.  So he may even leave his home town or his country to live his dreams.  Sure he may come back to visit from time to time, but the relationship will remain in the past.  You would not have been happy because either he would have been constantly coming and going or he would have become miserable settling down and been resentful of you for it.  It's better this way.

On a happy note, you will meet someone new in the end of this August who is much more compatible with you.  He dreams of home and family which is what you wanted from your ex but he did not give you.  You will have this with the one you meet in August.  THEY just showed me school so I don't know if you are attending university right now or if THEY are suggesting that you go back to school but THEY just showed me that.  It is very important though that you don't hold on to the ex.  It's very important, and listen up here peeps, it's critical that if you want someone or thing new to come into your life, you let go of the old so as to make room for the new.  Think it like this.  You have an old car and it's parked in a garage.  You get a new one but you have no where to put it because the old car is taking up space.  Create the space you need to welcome in the new, in your case, Eyrpraksia, your new special someone.  Great luck to you!

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