Jen Z of Brooklyn, USA says...

Gemma, I read the post on the meaning of life (day 14) with interest, because I share these questions. I'm writing today because I'm hoping you can help me figure out how to proceed in my creative and work lives. I feel there is so much in me wanting to be expressed, but I seem to have trouble either finding or committing to a medium — and I block myself anytime I start to try to create. I feel frustrated, because I know this journey-to-expression will help me learn the lessons I'm here to learn (like you talked about today). Any guidance you could offer would be appreciated. Thank you! Jen

WRITE!!  THEY say just start with writing and go from there.  All your mediums will come together eventually so don't worry about picking one right now.  I noticed that you separated your creative and your work life.  They will be one in the same so try not to do that in your head.  Now when they say writing I feel like it's not just a journal.  I feel like maybe it starts there but it's a story, you are telling a story, YOUR story.  I'm being taken back to your teen years and say you have a story to tell.  Start there, don't edit yet, just write raw.  As the story begins to take shape, other mediums will join to bring it to it's full fruition.  I don't even know what the hell I just said, that was THEM, it just came out and i typed it exactly as I heard it.  THEY say you will know.

I gotta interrupt myself to say that I just got distracted for a second by a female SPEOPLE. My body temperature suddenly went from like 0-100 in a second.  So either it's someone you know who crossed over in a fire or she was showing me something that happened to you.  It was a quick visit, just a flash and she was gone.  It was definitely connected to you.

Ok so back to your question...In about 2 years, everything comes totally together for you, your purpose, your work, your life, everything.  Don't look at things so black and white tho.  Now trust me, I'm not saying that's easy at all,  I do it too.  But what I've realized is that there is so so much in what I call the pink (gray is so bland) area.  That's where all the magic happens.  You don't have to "commit" to one medium.  Why limit yourself?  You have so many talents.  I promise that somehow (this is part of the journey) it will all come together, this I know for sure.  Example...My undergrad is in journalism/creative writing, my grad is in tv production and I'm a psychic medium.  However, I'm a psychic medium who blogs and is getting ready to launch a podcast.  See how it all came together.  Yours will too Jen.

Here's the deal, and listen up here peeps...Don't always try to figure out the final destination... just take the journey.  Trust and believe that you will end up in a magical place where you are happy and living your purpose.  Let the process unfold and enjoy the magic along the way.  And please keep it light and have fun with it.  Oh and by the way Jen, just in case you were wondering, you'll be making really really good money doing what you love.  Great luck to you!

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