Ann Marie N., USA asks...

Is my Mother watching over me and sending me signs I should be looking for, similar to that of what your Mom shows to you (colors, objects, numbers...something)?


Hey Ann Marie... Not only is mom watching over you (and your sibs) but she is very involved in your life.  She is always around you, keeping tabs and definitely at every family event which she says are a "BIG DEAL" in your family.  As for the signs she sends, boy she's an original and creative....She messes with your shoes.  So it's like when a shoe randomly goes missing or you find coins in your shoes or you know you took them both off in one room but one is in another room. She says she does that because there is a funny story from when she was here on earth, something quirky that happened with  shoes.  It would be like someone accidentally wore 2 different shoes, or wore shoes till they had holes in them or the sole fell off or put funny laces in their shoes - something like that.  She also mentions the number 73 so there has to be some significance with that number.  She also says that she does stuff with water so it's like if the water is ever on but u know u shut it off or (now this would scare the bejeebers out of me but...) if the water ever just randomly turns on.  She says that the signs she sends you aren't typical because you need them to be different (not cliche) to be sure it's her.

One last thing I gotta tell you that happened as I was writing this Ann Marie, # 1... Mom was the one that made me capitalize the words "big deal" above... it was a big deal to capitalize big deal.  I totally felt her energy when she made me do it.   Wow if she wanted something, she sure would make it happen.  Well some things never change...she still does.   #2 weird (but not) thing that happened - and she says you will understand this - is that I was drinking coffee as i was writing this and the cup just randomly and very on it's own tipped up and almost spilled the coffee all over me (love love love when they do stuff like that)... now, i don't know if she always spilled her coffee or if you always do, but she very deliberately almost made me spill mine as a message to you.

I gotta say a wholehearted thanks to you Ann Marie's Mom...I greatly appreciate you not following that spill all the way through.

Here's the deal Peeps... Our loved ones are not gone when they cross over... they are just no longer in physical form for us to see with our physical eyes.  Think of it like this... have you ever had someone you love move away?  Although you can no longer physically see them in front of you, you can call them, chat them, skype or text them.  Well, it's sort of the same thing with our speople... while we can no longer physically see them or communicate with them in a physical way,  there are definitely ways to still be in touch with them.  It's like learning a new language, the language of energy.  So please talk to them, feel their presence around you, quiet yourself and hear their messages, see the signs they send and definitely expect and allow them to continue to be part of your lives.

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