Carol W of USA asks...
Hello, Gemma,  I'm wondering what my paternal grandmother, Elsie, is saying to me.  I was with her when she died and I had always thought that if there were someone I could ask to communicate with me from the afterlife, it would be her.  I didn't ask her before she died.  I think of her a lot and I wonder what advice she might give me now.  My maternal grandmomther, Fannye, on the other hand, wasn't very close to me and I don't feel her at all, although I do think of her often, too.  Is she around?  When her eldest, my aunt Joyce, passed away a couple of years ago, I KNOW she was walking through my house the night after the funeral.  I don't think she expected me to attend her funeral since we didn't have a close relationship.  Just wondering who of my relations is around me now.
Hey Carol.   If I'm being honest here Fannye's energy feels quite honestly sort of cold and stern.  She says she wasn't very much of a "party" when she was here.  It feels like she lived in a lot of fear.  She is around from time to time but I don't think you totally recognize her energy.  Same goes for Joyce.  You may have a feeling that you aren't alone sometimes, but can't pinpoint who it is.  Energy there is the same as here.  You recognize that energy of those who are close to you but someone you don't know very well you won't recognize so readily so you may feel like "hmmm is that Fannye or is that Joyce?" but may not be so sure.  If you want to get to know them better now you still can.  Tell them that so they come around more.
Now Elsie on the other hand, what a warm spirit.  Her message... Get out in the world more, socialize more.  She says your too closed in.  She shows me a scene of you sitting on a sofa knitting or crocheting which could either mean that you literally stay in and do that or that is her symbol for staying home too much.  She'd love for you to make more of an effort to get out and meet people.  She is very much around you and sometimes you smell a very strong floral scent that she sends you. She brings a dog with her when she comes and she keeps making the sound of clanking pots and pans.  She shows me an upstairs window with a white curtain in it blowing gently in a breeze and this feeling of safe happiness comes over me.  She points to an older man and says grumpy's with me...feels like your grandfather   She says something about you needing to call your mother more and a "trip back home."  She holds flowers but doesn't extend them so I wonder if her birthday or anniversary just past or is coming up.  She just showed me someone brushing a horse... so there must be a connection to horses or a farm or something.  She shows me someone who is either blind or has very poor vision and then thanks you for all the time you spent with her but in particular, reading to her in the end.  Not sure if she was a runner in life but she says, "I'm running again."
Listen up here peeps... Your loved ones are still around you.  They see and hear what you do and can be a very active part of your life if you want them to be.  Even if you weren't close here on earth, you can totally cultivate a relationship with a loved one after they pass.  Energy is energy and it knows no boundaries.  They want to communicate with you and let you know that they are not only OK but alive and well.  They want you to continue on fully living the life you came here to live.  So talk to them, feel them, ask for a sign and then be open to receiving it, you, like Carol will receive many signs.  They aren't gone at all... Allow them to continue to be a part of your life and I promise you they will.
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