Millan from Sweden asks...

Hi!  My name is Millan, 28 year old women from Sweden, and I have a serious question. There is a guy that I always been weak for and I can´t get him out of my system. I want to, because I don´t think he feels the same way... What should I do?  With hope.

Hi Millan, I agree with you that getting him "out of your system," is a good thing because you will never get 100% from him.  He's got way to many ties and is not planning on cutting them.  Either he is involved with someone else or his business might as well be his partner, or both.  Whatever the case, you will not get 100% from him.  Don't worry, though another guy comes along for you in July of this year.  He is much better for you and ready to be completely involved and build a life with you.  THEY keep showing me a university, so I think you will meet him at, near or around University grounds.

As for getting this one "out of your system." It's ego that is getting in your way of letting him go.  Human nature is a funny thing.  Seems the more we can't have something, the more enticing it becomes to us (like chocolate cake when your on a diet.)  One thing you can do is instead of seeing it as "I can't have," is try to see it as "I choose not to settle." By making it your choice you take away the power from ego.  Refrain from asking yourself, 'what's wrong with me?' 'Why doesn't he want me?  It's not about you or anything you lack.

Listen up here peeps, here is the nugget, the more we ask these kinds of questions the less worthy we feel, so the higher the pedestal we put the other person on and the more we think we want them.  They become a goal or a challenge.  This is all ego based.  Ego blinds us and we no longer see our worth so we settle for less than what we deserve.

Millan, you obviously see good stuff in this guy but please also see him for all that he isn't, see the truth.  Don't convince yourself that you can't get any better or that what he gives you is enough.  Break that cycle.  Don't let ego rule you.  Remind yourself every day that you deserve someone who will give you what you give them and nothing less and you will find that in Mr. July.  So in the meantime, take care of you and figure out who Millan is and what you need in a partner and expect exactly and only that to come your way and it will.  Great luck!

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