Honey R. from the Philippines asks...

Will I ever get married?

Hey there Honey... THEY immediately showed me the number 31... I want to connect it to age and say yes you either get married at age 31.  If it's not the age you get married, it's definitely a significant number so you may either meet or marry on that day.  But i strongly feel it is your age when you are married.

So... this may seem random and a bit off topic but this comes with the territory of being a medium.  THEY just brought through a child connected to you, a boy about age 6 going on 7 who is crossed over.  He's waving and riding a red bicycle.  (Speople tend to sieze any opportunity they can to communicate.) It is a child very closely connected so it would be son (or like a son) or brother. He came through to let you know he is ok.  He says you need to know this. "I'm ok now, I'm ok."

Ok now back to your question...after you marry, you will have 3 children together #1 comes very shortly after the marriage then about a year passes before #s 2 and 3 come back to back.  Your husband will be a bit older and successful in his business.  You may know of him now but you will begin to see him in a different way as time goes on and then you fall in love.  You will be very happy... you are a very loving and giving person Honey and you take care of everyone... you most definitely deserve happiness.  Great luck!

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