Joel D of  the USA asks... Will this be an Abundant, Fruitful Year for Me?

Well Joel I gotta be honest here... It gets off to a rocky start.  Things seem to have taken a turn for the worst this past October for you and it will be a bit of a roller coaster ride until about May/June.  Nothing you can't handle as you are resilient and a pretty optimistic person in general.  It feels like something is stuck or (THEY want me to say) "frozen" in business for you for a bit which if you are anything like me can make you a little nuts.  I call it the LaLa - the waiting period in between stepping stones when you feel like la la la la la ok guys we can really move this along. Stay positive during this frustrating time and focus on the end result, that is focus on what you want, not where things currently are.  There is a timing issue with something that is out of your control in your business realm.  It's a slow period.  They just showed me a whole bunch of cars so maybe you are in car sales or something.  Anyway... it picks up in May/June and continues to build up and up and up and yes ultimately your year is "fruitful and abundant." Check it out Peeps... I LOVE  the way Joel asked his question - totally in the positive.  It's perfect use of the law of attraction.  Remember, positive attracts positive so even though his current sitch may be less than what he'd like it to be, by making his question positive, "Will this be an abundant fruitful year for me?" As opposed to negative, "Will my horrible current situation change?" He is already moving quicker toward getting what he wants as opposed to remaining in what he doesn't.  Thank you Joel for that great example of how to use the law of attraction to your advantage and great luck to you.

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