Juanita in NY asks... Hi Gemma, I too am at a crossroads, like Paul W. (Day 1.) What do the speople say?  My career can take any direction at this point. What is in store for me? Should I go back to the City job- easy, steady pay, no stress? Or continue on this almost ridiculous path, insane stress, where I lost $22K last year, but is creative? Please help.

Hey Juanita...Now you know that going back to "safety," in no way means no stress for you.  It actually means boredom and restlessness which leads to stress... You thrive on the - I'm going to call it - excitement instead of stress which has negative connotations. It think that you are thinking way too black or white here... there is a meantime branch off thing that you can do while waiting for your passion to come to fruition.  A woman may have or will soon approach you on a business venture that may feel like it is not exactly what you want... but it's a good money maker so be willing to branch off a little from what you do for a minute..  Now I say a little because it won't be totally outside of what you currently do, so don't look for something opposite... it's just not your ideal... it's something that when your business is booming you would think twice about doing as it's not your specialty.

Think outside the box for a minute and by that I mean... have your ultimate goal always in your head but don't micro-manage the path to get to it.  I feel like other opportunities are popping up around you but your not seeing them because you have a set path in mind and if it doesn't go the way you thought it would then it "must not be working."  Patience sis.  I'm asking you to trust that your higher power can see things a little more clearly and can create a path for you that you aren't seeing if you just allow that to happen.  Don't over control stuff... just let it unfold.  I feel like if this woman has not already approached, she will in the next 2- 3 weeks so be open. This job or venture that she will present will lead you to your next thing and so on and so on so you don't have to force or over think anything.  Faith and "letting go," is something you sometimes struggle with so THEY are now presenting you with this great opportunity to learn to have it. Embrace it and learn it once and for all. See Peeps...the higher power sit's in the goalie position (soccer analogy here.)  We are players on the field (of life.)  The goalie can see stuff that as a player we just can't.  So if the goalie screams, "Gem, go left," I go because she can see the whole picture whereas I'm way too immersed in the game and more so my part in it.  Same goes for the higher power... let him/her/it/them, whatever you call it guide the way... the vantage point is much better from where THEY sit.  Don't micro-manage THEM either.  Ever have a child constantly asking or tapping you when you are trying to do something?  It gets in your way and slows you down.  If you ask THEM to take the wheel for a minute, then as I affectionately say to those I love, "Sit in the back seat, buckle up, shut up and just look out the window.  Simply take the ride knowing that you will arrive safely at your destination much faster than you would expect.  Great luck Juanita.

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