Toni C. from USA I have a nagging feeling my Dad (who is passed) is trying to send me a message.  For the last two years I have been having major drama in my life.  My 28 year old marriage ended, new relationship, career path issues, and to top it off, my Mom lives with me.  Every major decision I make indirectly affects her.  So is he trying to send a message?

Hi Toni.  Our Speople are always trying to send us signs that they are still with and around us.  So his first message is simply, and I quote "Hi babe."  Dad says you are a "worrier."  He says you have a habit of lumping things together and then they become too big for you.  He says take one thing at a time... He specifically shows me dominoes... "If you put them close to each other and one falls over the rest topple too but if you separate them out one does not affect the other," he says.

Stop asking, "Whats next?" in relation to negative things because in essence (and according to the law of attraction) what your asking for is the next negative thing to arrive.  Look at the things that happened to you as changes instead of as major drama... change brings opportunity for growth and betterment.  Thank god for change.  He says... and these are his words not mine..."Don't become your mother.  Don't be a worrier like her.  Don't catch that fever."  Breathe and get out more he says...you don't have to do EVERYTHING ALWAYS.  Stop putting such great pressure on yourself that, "Every major decision I make indirectly affects her."  That statement is very pressure invoking.  Instead just appreciate what you have and all that you can give mom and know that you are never given more than you can handle.

Also your (karmic) return is pretty quick... meaning that when there is a change let's say loss of a job, another (better) opportunity presents almost right away.  Grateful is the word here.  Some people have to wait for this, so if I were you I'd be saying a big ole thank you.

Dad is around you all the time...he mentions doing something with a chair (a rocking chair maybe,) and a closet door that you find open when you swear you shut it.  I can tell you this much, you will see his signs and be able to better communicate with him once you stop lumping everything together.  He just gave me a shooting pain down my right leg so either that was his before he passed or he's saying that you are having it.. If it's you, DON'T FLIP OUT! He's just using it to let you know he is here.

Listen up Peeps... Don't create unnecessary stress in your life by lumping everything together.  Deal with things one at a time and you will handle them a lot quicker and better than if you make them all into one big problem.  You can only clean your house one room at a time, you can't be in two rooms at once (well not here on earth anyway, but that's a whole other blog post) so tackle one thing at a time and you will start to see progress and not be so overwhelmed.  Great luck Toni.

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