Life sux!  I hate my situation!  My face broke out!  Bad haircut! I'm stressed out!  I have a bad cold! Whatever it is...Give it 21 days.

No matter what the situation is I have noticed that everything seems to change, dissipate or even resolve itself in 21 days. urlNow it's not an exact science peeps, but I guarantee you that whatever you are stressing right now will not be as front and center stage in 21 days.  So when you find yourself making a temporary situation into a permanent one (I got a bad haircut and will always look bad.) Check back in with that same sitch(uation) in 21 days, you will be surprised.  More importantly, when something flips you out, take a breath and know that what you're feeling is only temporary.  If you give it 21 days, it won't be as big a deal as it was before.

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