If you do something twice can you call it tradition?  In keeping my tradition (I just really wanted to say that) of the spirit of Thanksgiving, putting aside historical atrocities, I am sharing with you my top 21 list of what I am most thankful for this year...


  1. ME - all that I am and all that I am yet to be
  2. JD - son - my greatest accomplishment...I love the man you are becoming
  3. CHRISSY - the big sis I always wanted and now I have.
  4. TRACY - bestee - my sister from another mister - for always being there through thick and thin.
  5. LISHA - other bff - dawgs for life, for laughter, love and loyalty.
  6. G.I.Ps - for knowing the real Gem and always wanting me to be only that
  7. NEW PEEPS - for coming into my life
  8. MOM - for heading up my committee of Speeps and continuing to be a huge force in my life from the other side
  9. CLIENTS - for allowing me to give my gifts every day
  10. SPIRITUAL GIFTS - for the ability to help and heal others
  11. HOME - for safety and warmth
  12. EDUCATION - which allows me to share practically.
  13. HEALTH - to be able.
  14. SENSE OF HUMOR - to keep it light.
  15. LAUGHTER & LOVE - from others that keeps me going in tuff times.
  16. SPIRITUALITY - which allows me to create my reality and then recreate and then recreate again.
  17. COMPASSION and EMPATHY - to be able to really understand and tap in.
  18. ALL OF MY EXPERIENCES - for leading me perfectly up to right now.
  19. FORGIVENESS - for allowing people (and myself) to change and either come back into my life or move on.
  20. LIFE'S LESSONS - for spiritual growth and experience.
  21. MY PURPOSE - for doing what I love every day

What's your 21?

HAPPY TURKEY DAY (or tofurky for all my veggie and vegan) PEEPS!!!

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