In the spirit of Thanksgiving, putting aside what really happened to bring about the holiday (the great injustice done to Native Americans) I am sharing with you the list of what I am thankful for... MY "21 THANKS" LIST

  1. ME - all that I am and all that I am yet to be
  2. JD - son - my most challenging job yet my greatest accomplishment
  3. NANCY - girlfriend - for all I have healed, learned and for making me smile
  4. FAMILY - for my upbringing and my history
  5. TRACY - bestee - for being my sister from another mister and the most unconditional, unselfish, non-judging person I know
  6. G.I.Ps - you know who you are - For knowing the real Gemma and never wanting me to be anything else but
  7. MOM - for continuing to be in my life even after you've crossed
  8. JOSE - JD's dad - for giving me the greatest gift of all
  9. SPIRITUAL GIFT - for the ability to help
  10. JEEP - for mobility
  11. HOME - for safety and warmth
  12. TAE KWON DO - which keeps me sane and allows me to expend energy (and makes me sore as hell sometimes)
  13. EDUCATION - which gives me freedom to express
  14. MY SIX SENSES - so I can truly experience life to it's fullest
  15. HEALTH - to be able
  16. SENSE OF HUMOR - to keep it light
  17. CREATIVITY & INTELLIGENCE - to go broader and deeper
  18. COMPASSION - to be able to really understand
  19. SOCIAL SKILLS - to be blessed with all the great people who constantly come into my life
  20. ALL OF MY EXPERIENCES - which have led me up to right now
  21. TO DO WHAT I LOVE and know the money will follow

What's your 21?yellow-rose


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