A Complete Turnover

When things get to be too much or I don't know what to do, I just turn it over to my Hp and the committee, or so I thought I did anyway... When my tooth started to hurt a few weeks ago I admit I ignored it.  Ok so my macho goes right out the window when it comes to needles, especially in my mouth, so I figured if I pay it no mind it would go away.  NOT! Impossible to pay throbbing tooth pain no mind.  So I asked THEM to send me a stepping stone to finding a dentist.  I have no dental insurance so it would have to be cheap and I wanted someone efficient and I needed to be seen quick.  When I told my girlfriend of my pain, she immediately suggested a dental clinic that is in a hospital in my area.  CLINIC? Yup that's right folks my bourgee (and don't even act like we don't all have some kind of prejudice in us) reared it's ugly head.  I immediately dismissed the idea and barely heard her as she explained that they had a sliding pay scale and only needed proof of unemployment and address.  Nope, I looked away from it and continued to wait for my stepping stone.  url(Ok peeps, what's wrong with this picture?  Be very careful...See in my head, my stepping stone could NEVER be a clinic.) She then told me the same hospital also had an office a few blocks from me and said she'd make me an appointment.  Ok, now that's doable, more like it, that must be the stepping stone.  So, she made the appointment (at what I deemed the more feasible place) but then when she called back a few days later to confirm it, she was told that they accidentally made my appointment for the medical side and that, "Sorry in fact Gemma has no dental appointment."  HUH?  I didn't really understand why it didn't work out, but after a bit figured it was part of the MP (Master plan) so I left it alone.

Days past and then yesterday, my pain got worse, much worse.  A little baffled and somewhat annoyed (as THEY usually respond to my requests quickly) I reminded THEM, in a semi-bratty tone, "Ummm HELLO, my stepping stone, please!"  My phone rang.  It was the receptionist from the medical office that my girlfriend had made the appointment with a few weeks before.  She wanted to know why I'd missed my appointment and if I'd like to reschedule.  I explained that they had made a mistake in scheduling me and that I'd actually like an appointment with the dental side to which she said she'd connect me with them.  Ok here we go I thought, but once connected was told by the dental receptionist that there were no appointments available until mid December and if I wanted I could come in as a walk in but it would cost $80 just to be seen but that would NOT include the extraction that I was sure I needed.

Ok WTF?  I just didn't get it... stepping stones are easy...this makes no sense.

Just then my girlfriend calls and I tell her what happened and that at this point my tooth is howling.  "That's it!"  She says, "I'm calling the clinic."  I'm now in so much pain that as much as that makes me cringe, I agree.   She tells me that I missed the last walk-in appointment but that tomorrow (which is now today) I could go as early as 8AM as a walk-in, just to bring my proof of unemployment and address.  Ok now if I'm being completely honest, then I have to admit that even in all my pain, shocking as it may be, I still had a little left over inner-bourgee ego going on.

Well, lemme tell you how fast that all went right down the crapper when I found myself up from 1-4AM this morning damn near in tears from the pain.  Ahhhh lessons... you gotta love them.  So I got my no longer bourgee, now pretty desperate ass up for quick this morning and went straight to that clinic at 8:45 AM.

Let me just say (moment of self-forgiven shame here) not only were they totally and completely professional, super-friendly and more efficient than some private dentists I've been to, but ready for this?  It only cost me $45 in total to be seen and get my tooth extracted.  And that was because it was a walk-in.  My follow up appointments will cost me $24 dollars per visit.  UH-WHOA!!!!  Oh and by the way, they had me in and out by 10AM, extracted tooth and all.  So, besides working through my majorly ugly pre-judgements, I had learned a great lesson.


Truth be told though I hate when someone tells me stuff like, "let go," or "turn it over," and doesn't  show or tell me how to do it.  So...think of it like this....You work for yourself and have waaaaay too much on your plate.  You have an extremely competent assistant, so you say to her/him, "Here's your 'to do list,' you take care of this and this and that."  You then walk away fully expecting it to be taken care of and you don't worry, think about or work on any of what you've turned over.  So think of your Hp and your committee as your very competent assistant(s), when anything(s) get to be overload, or seem impossible for you to handle, simply ask THEM to "work it out" for you... Turn it over.

Now listen up very carefully peeps there is another step to it if you want it to work...DON'T MICRO-MANAGE!!! When you turn it over, look away and let it go, and definitely wipe away all your preconceived notions.  Trust that THEY have a better view from where they sit so they can take the full picture into consideration.   I've played soccer for most of my life.  Over time I began to realize that the goalie can see the entire picture much better than any other player on the field so if the goalie yelled, "Gem, go to the right!" (Eventually) I trusted that I should go right.  If the goalie kicked the ball up the left line, I believed that it was because she could see that a play could be made easier that way.  Your Hp (and committee) is your goalie and sees things from a much better perspective than you who is immersed in the game (of life.)  I promise you, and I speak this from experience, turn it over, THEY will not only take care of every detail both big and small but they will take care of even some that you never even thought of.

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