My friend Lisha and I are both very much aware of the powerful Law of Attraction which in a nutshell deems that like (vibe) attracts like (things on that same vibe.)  She witnessed something so incredible that she actually picked up the phone and called me (we are texters so calling makes it important.) "Gem! I just saw something that is total Law of Attraction in action and you have to blog it," She said exited. She then proceeded to tell me the following story, which she is so right, I have to share with you. Thx Lish.

Standing at a Brooklyn (NY) bus stop waiting for the B26 bus with other people who were also waiting, two women momentarily pulled her attention.  She heard them complaining loudly about the bus not being there yet and how horrible city buses were.  They went on and on and on and on and on passionately bitching about how especially the B26 is never on time.  "You gotta wait so long for it." "It's ridiculous."  "I mean seriously... What's wrong with this bus that it doesn't show up, how hard can it really be blah blah blah..."

Lish knows it's best to focus away from them so as not to catch their vibe. As she refocuses and they continue their rant, the bus pulls up.  She and the other people waiting hop on board and as the 2 women still stand on the sidewalk bitching, the bus doors close and the bus pulls away leaving the two women at the bus stop still going on and on about the bus and how it never shows up.

"Gem, they didn't even see the bus," She says.  "They were so busy focusing on the bus not coming that they didn't even see a New York City bus pull right up in front of them, load passengers and pull away."

Ummm WOW!

Your reality truly is what you focus on.  Just like these women, if you focus on the absence or lack of something in your reality, all you will continue to see is the lack of it.  And even if it shows up, you won't see it.  What are you focusing on?  Shift your focus today onto what you want to see in your reality so you too don't "miss the bus" that you are waiting for. #energywisdom Pass it on!

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