When anything shows up (especially in 3's) I definitely pay attention.  I have noticed a theme in the last few readings that I've done.  3 of my clients recently who have strong psychic abilities, suffer from anxiety.  Anxiety that believe it or not for the most part isn't theirs.  This got me thinking... Do we all walk around with uneccesary negative feelings that don't belong to us? RECOGNIZE

I believe that we all have intuition and empath to varying degrees.  I know the new thing is that everyone wants to say, "We are all psychic," but I don’t believe that we are.  Being psychic or a medium is a gift and as with any gift or talent, you have your naturals, then you have people who are good but really excel because they put in the time and effort to hone it then you have people who either choose not to use it or use it somewhat, so there are varying degrees of the gift as well.  Now like I said, I believe we all have intuition and we all empath.  Empathy as defined by Webster’s dictionary is…The action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another.  In simple terms it is “feeling someone’s stuff.”  See I think though, alot of the time we take this  lightly and don’t realize the magnitude of “feeling someone’s pain.”  “So and so is going through a breakup, wow I can totally empathize with her,”  we may say.  However, do you realize that when you  “feel someone’s pain,” you may also more than likely be taking some of that pain onto yourself?

See peeps, we are all beings of energy.  Energy is constantly flowing around us between us, from us, to us.  Now this would be fine if it were all positive energy, but the very nature of the human experience is that it includes negative to aid in rapid spiritual growth, so some of the energy flowing is well, not so enjoyable.  Further, as a compassionate being, you will tend to want to help others, so if someone is going through something, you naturally will want to do what you can to ease their pain, so without even realizing it, you may allow their pained (negative) energy to transfer to you, to give them some relief.  Now this may sound like a nice thing to do and in theory it is, but it's also quite dangerous.  Think of it in terms of luggage...if you walk around taking a piece here from someone and then a piece there from someone else and so on, even if you take just a little piece from everyone you run into, eventually it will be way too much to carry.  Energy is like luggage (AKA baggage), if you are walking around taking a little bit from everyone and not even realizing it, it can seriously weigh you down - physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Once my clients realized that most of their anxiety isn't even their own they had an immediate sense of relief.  So...What to do next?


The hardest part for me is identifying that it is in fact someone else's.  So what do you look for?  If you just get overwhelmingly sad, mad, anxious or any other emotion very very suddenly.  Big big indicator, going  from one mood to another (usually an opposite mood) really fast and for no triggered reason.  Or you just have no idea why you are feeling a certain emotion, like it doesn't make sense to you.  Identifying and discerning if it's yours or not can be really tricky.  What I usually do is I take an inventory of my day and/or my life to see if it's mine.  Here is an example...

About 3 weeks ago or so I was in an excellent mood when I got a phone call.  When I looked at my phone, I saw it was a good friend of mine and as always I was excited to hear from her.  When I picked up I could hear in her tone that she was really pissed at something.  She immediately told me that something was going on in her personal life.  Being a friend, I listened attentively to her venting.  After we hung up.  I was aggravated.  I snapped at my son for no reason and just felt generally annoyed.  It wasn't until I received a text from her later on saying, "Wow... I felt so good after talking to you," that I realized I had taken her stuff.  By then, 5 hours later, my day hadn't been so pleasant


So now what?  Well, be very aware of "mood swings," like that.  Once you have a suspicion that it's not yours, say a quick prayer to "please take from me any energy that is not mine or that belongs to anyone else.  Only allow me to feel what is mine and not take on others stuff."  You will probably feel immediate relief and it will progressively get better.  The other thing I recommend strongly to do which to me is the better way to go is to be preventative.  Try to remember to protect yourself or "bubble" yourself at the beginning of each day.  Sylvia Browne gives tools of protection ideas in one of her books, I use two of them daily...

1.  BUBBLE - Imagine a bubble of protection light (from your HP) around you.  (Think Glinda the good which in the Wizard of Oz.)  Only good energy can pass through it.

2. RING of MIRRORS - Imagine a ring of mirrors around you.  They do not face you, they face outward.  Anything negative bounces off of them and does not affect you.

Give it a shot... you will feel lighter!

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