I LOVE MY CLIENTS!!! For the most part they have all been super cool and open and I’ve had great experience after great experience reading them.  Amy Z is the perfect example of the awesome clientele I seem to be attracting.  She has great energy and is totally open so her readings seem to get better every time.  During the last one I gave her, some really cool stuff occurred which she wrote down and was nice enough to share with you...

"The main person who comes through with guidance in my readings is my father, who I am still very close with even now since he crossed over in August 2009.  Anyway, he was going on (through Gemma) about my career (as a makeup artist) and he said "Amy you need to get on it, get twittering and start giving makeup tips!"  Then he proceeded to give me a few ideas for tips!!!!! AMAZING (Gemma was cracking up at this point because as he told her,) in life, my father wanted nothing to do with makeup, all he cared about was that we didn't wear too much of it as teenagers!

I then told her that I had a dream the night before our reading.  In the dream, my mother (who is still alive) said, "Go help out your grandmother (also still living), she needs you".  So I went to this room that looked like a hallway and I saw someone lying on the floor.  It was my grandfather (who crossed over three years ago and also came to visit during my reading) lying down in what appeared to be workout clothes.  (Ironically I was just telling my husband that I missed my grandfather and he never visits me in dreams)  Well, here he was on the floor wearing work out clothes stretching and he sat up, looked at me, gave me a big hug and said " Amy you really need to Twitter".   I was like "WHAAAAAAAA" "Twitter"??? "That's what you have to tell me???"  "Seriously???"Hilarious!"

My dad also told Gemma" Amy has something wrong with her right hand/ arm, aside from her carpel tunnel and back pain too"- here is how she can fix it.!!!"  AND HE HAD A SOLUTION!  SInce I am a makeup artist and carry my makeup in a huge backpack, I usually hang everything over my right shoulder and boy has it been giving me PAIN lately.   Well my crossed over father told me to tighten my backpack on the right side and let the left hang which will balance me out.  He gave very specific instruction (I didn't even let on that I use a backpack until after Gemma told me this info!!!)  He also told me to raise up the makeup kit, that I place it too low and that's doing something to make my arm hurt.  He told her the exact height I usually put the kit and how I should adjust it to get rid of the arm pain.  HOW AWESOME.

He then proceeded to give clear instructions on how to help my grandmother (his mother who is living.)  He said that there is something with her medicine that isn't agreeing with her and to ask the doctor about it.  He also said,  " You need to walk her out to the garden, that will help her too, she needs to get outside."  Gemma, was so impressed with my dad's top notch specific instructions at that point that she coined him " Speople of the year!"  HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

So the point to me sharing my story with you is that the Men in my life, now that they are crossed,  are being die-hards and helping me with makeup!!!   Something that (they have acknowledged) would have been "too girly, or feminine" for them while they were on earth.  And their advice is great.  They have a clear, concise and thought out path for me to expand my career.  I just have to listen."

LISTEN UP PEEPS... Our Speople are not just still very alive on the other side, THEY are thrilled to and want to help us in our every day lives here on this side.  All you have to do is ask them to help and THEY will.  This my friends is the next level... We know that THEY exist, this has been proven over and over.  Now let's start utilizing them in our day to day.  My mom is over there and I promise you she is a force so holla at your Speeps peeps. Thank you again so much to Amy Z, her dad and grandad for this awesome experience... Damn I love my work!

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