It's funny how sometimes life becomes so important.  Shouldn't it be? You may ask, I mean it is my life after all, right? My answer, in a word, NO.

It's so easy to become the hero of our own epoch, but be careful because that can also be debilitating and isolating.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own drama scenes that we blind ourselves to solutions and to the people around us.

So...Where have I been for the past few weeks?

In my own epoch.  And truth be told it blocked me.  So caught up in my life and things that I deemed huge  that I stopped seeing outside of myself, so as a result...writers block.  See, writing is a form of giving and if you are so completely enveloped in your own stuff that it's all you see, you can't possibly give, not even to yourself. 

So what do you do peeps?  Pull yourself back... see your life for even one second as if it's someone else's, because if it was, I promise you wouldn't take it so personally.  Your actions would be much less emotional and impulsive (which can more often than not be hurtful) and instead be much more careful, considerate and loving.  But best of all, you'd probably quickly and easily be able to see solutions for things that may now feel huge and overwhelming.  Interesting how we have no problem giving others advice.  That's because we can see their issues from an outside, somewhat objective perspective which makes them much more easily solvable.  Well, do the same for yourself, assume a different vantage point, take a seat in the audience and view the play that you call your life from that place, and watch how things will start to quickly work themselves out.

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