Hey D...this is for you!!!!

SPIDER, in Native American myth and lore, is linked to fate and destiny. They can spend a day weaving their web and if it doesn't work untie it and let it float away. Spider can teach us to weave our lives, but we always have the ability to re-weave what we don't like.  Creativity is always available when spider comes into your life.


I remember my first public forum.  I was called in as a Medium to contact someone who was considered "famous" on this side.  There would be a bunch of reporters there, I would be hooked up to a mike, on a stage, with lights on me and the reporters would ask questions about this person that I was expected to answer.  No pressure, right?

I agreed to do it, while simultaneously telling myself that I was totally crazy to have said yes.  The conversation in my head went something like this...

"Are you nuts?  What makes you think that you are that good, to clear yourself enough to bring him in, in front of all those people?"

"But I do it everyday with clients."

"Yeah but that's one-on-one and you know how long it took you to shake the nerves of that."

"True, but I really think that, well, maybe I will be able to."

"And what if you can't?"

"Oh God, public failure, Oh God, I didn't think about that."

"Exactly, and then what?  You should have said no."

"Wow... I am nuts, I should have said no."

On the day of the show I was shaking in my shoes.  If it weren't for Trace and Lish, my two closest friends, who came along with me for "support," (Ok, it was because I knew they'd still love me even if I fell flat on my face) I probably would have bailed out.  About 45 minutes before the "show," I was beyond stressed, so I turned to my guides who said,

"Gemma, do you really think we would ever bring you to something just to see you not succeed at it.  Now be clear, the outcome may not always be what you expect or want it to be, but it is perfectly what it should be and will take you exactly to the next place you need to go.  So you see, there is no such thing as 'failure.'  Either way, whether it's a different outcome or exactly the outcome that you wanted, the success is in taking the opportunity,  that you've created for yourself by the actions that have led up to it."

I aced it... I had been preparing for exactly this moment and it was a bigger success than I even expected.

LISTEN UP PEEPS... When an opportunity comes your way, it's because you have everything you need.  You worked hard to get to the place of opportunity so truth be told, you are already a success just for getting there.  And I bet you are a lot better than you even know.  Forget about the outcome (I know it's hard but trust me.)  Remember Spider, who if she doesn't like the outcome, just tosses it to the wind and creates a new one.  So just have fun, be yourself and do your very best, you can't do more than that and that is more than enough and being led to exactly where you need to go.

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