Careful What You Ask For...

Ok so my karmic return time is beyond ridiculously fast and what I refer to as "A Train."  For all you non-New Yorkers and non-subway riding New Yorkers, the A Train is an express subway line.  Every time I've ridden the A Train, I recall getting bumped around a bit as it moved thru the tunnel quickly and a_trainunsmoothly.  But alas, it always got me where I was going a lot quicker than the local.  OK, OK, I admit it, I (probably foolishly) requested of THEM (the committe and of course my higher power) that EVERYTHING (requests, lessons, experiences) come to me at "A Train" speed.  That my journey be "on the A Train." Careful what you ask for....

My co-worker burst into the office the other day.  "Gemma, they are towing your truck."  I ran out to see 3 city Marshalls standing there as my truck was being hoisted up onto a tow truck.  "Are you the owner?" "Yes," I replied feeling ashamed and guilty as what I felt was the entire of Brooklyn looked on.  See, I knew that I had let way too many tickets pile up.  Not because I didn't care, I just didn't have the extra cash to pay them. "Ma'am, do you have $591.29?" one of them asked me.  "Ummmm, uh I uh - quick pressured thinking reminds me that I have my rent money in the bank and that although now I'll have to hustle and figure out how to replenish that, I did have it available.  "Lemme run to the bank," I request.  "2 minutes," He responds.  I book it to the bank and take the money out saying to THEM, "You better figure out a way for me to be able to pay my rent." I return back and give it to him... They lower my car off the tow and I return to work.

Once inside, one of my co-workers says, "Hey Gem, don't you always say 'Everything is for a reason?" I'm taken off guard a bit but she is right, I do always say that. "Yup," I respond.  Another co-worker comes over and says, "Do you want the upside of it?" "Sure," I say realizing what's happening here.  "They were towing cars in front of my house too this morning.  Why did you bring your car today?" She asks.  Being that I can walk to work if I want to, I stop and give it thought.  "I don't know, something just told me that I should,"  I tell her.  "Well, could you imagine if you didn't and you went home and it was just gone?"  Hmmm...great point - I thought.  But what struck me even stronger was the fact that they were coming to me optimistically.  I had a total Me-Mo (a moment for myself) I was proud of me for being the person that apparently sees the positive in things and offers it out because my co-workers were only coming to me on my level (which was nice to see was a positive one) when I was in a not so fun situation.

"And anyway," a third co-worker reminded me, "Now you can go to DMV (Dept. of Motor Vehicle) and get your license unsuspended.  Ooooooh did I forget to mention that?  My bad.  Well, according to Geico (who had cut my car insurance a week or two prior, my license was suspended for an outstanding ticket.)  She was right though... I was gonna head directly to DMV right after work and fix that.  I mean it's the least they could do right?  After making me paying almost $600.

The line is huge in DMV and I don't want to wait on it but, I'm there already and don't want to do this again so I wait and I wait and I wait.  After about an hour of waiting, I get a number so that I can well wait some more for my number to come up on the board so that I can see a clerk.  I see though that there is only one person ahead of me so it's not so bad.  My number gets called and I go to the window.  I'm standing tall, chest out... I paid my dues, I want my license back.  "How may I help you?" asks the woman behind the counter.  "Well, my car almost got towed so I had to pay the ticket, so now I want to have my license unsuspended and my insurance company wants a letter from you." She types something into her computer.  Thank God this ordeal is over, I think to myself as she's looking something up.  "Oh no baby your license was suspended for a traffic ticket not for a parking ticket.  You have to go over there to Traffic violations and pay them $220 to clear it up and then your license will be okay."  WHAT? Is she kidding?  This has to be a joke.  I'm being punked right?  Where's the hidden camera? "I don't have a traffic ticket!" I say adamantly.  " you weren't pulled over for talking on your cell phone?"  "Ohhhhh! Dang... I forgot about that and anyway I thought you could talk on speaker phone so it wasn't intentional," I realize I'm rambling out loud.  She studies me up and down.  "Mmmmm...You can go ahead and pay for it right over there."

I walk over to the Traffic Violations bureau where I shell out 220 more dollars that I "don't have."  I get my letter for Geico and head out.  I call Geico and another $150 later, I have insurance again.

I'm a firm believer that we have asked at some point in some way for every situation that comes to us in our life so I make it a habit to ask myself, "When did I ask for this?" Doing this makes me much more careful with my words and also reminds me that we are constantly creating our own reality.  This allows me to take responsibility for anything I'm not enjoying in my life and gives me  the opportunity to change it to something I'd prefer.

The next day as I'm legally driving somewhere, another car swerves out of nowhere and almost hits me and I suddenly remember how only a day before the towing incident when I was driving my dad to the Veteran's Hospital, he randomly asked me, "Do you have a valid drivers license?" I was shocked by this but still managed to be composed enough to repLIE, "Of course I do Dad." "Good," he responded, "Because you need to present it at the gate."  OMG...I stressed the entire way to the hospital.  But when we pulled up, we simply had to show it and keep movin.  I remember very distinctly asking at that very moment, "No matter what it takes, God, I need to get my license clear and my insurance back on.

Careful what you ask for!

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