I went up to Vermont last weekend to visit my friend Laura for a few days.  She moved up there several years ago and we recently got back in touch.  We were neighbors about 15 years ago when we both moved into what I referred to as "the dorms," an apartment building in Brooklyn all studio apartments, 2 per floor and the majority of the tenants were artists of some sort.  Reconnecting with Laura flashed me back to a time of positive energy, going with the flow and impromptu jam sessions.  I hung out with some musicians back then and because I had a kid who had to be asleep by a certain time, we would hang at my place.  We would have these jam sessions where we'd sit around and play whatever instruments we had and sing into the night.  It was a pretty amazing time. I needed a break from the city anyway - and anyone who knows me knows what a road trip whore I am.  I need no excuse to just hop in my truck and hit the open highway.  Usually it begins with one of the G.I.P's saying, "Hey, you know we should go check this place out..." and suddenly... ROAD TRIP!

So there we are heading up to Vermont to visit Laura who currently attends Goddard, an artist college where she is getting her Masters.  This school has an incredible program where an artist designs their own masters program.  At the end of each semester they have what they call a cabaret where the artists can showcase their work.  Laura specifically requested that we visit that weekend to attend the cabaret.

We arrive in Montpelier - the capital of Vermont and checked into our hotel.  Laura is to meet us in town before the cabaret so we can catch some dinner.  When we meet in the lobby, she is not alone.  As we approached I begin to chuckle once I realize who her friend is..


Flashback to a few weeks ago, in Brooklyn I attended a musical event.  On stage were three divas one of whom not only blew me away with her voice and her energy but something (or someone) kept telling me she and I were to meet.  When the show ended, I went to the friend who had invited me who also happens to be friends with the singer and said I'm supposed to meet her which is very out of character for me.  Also out of character for her, she went back stage to request an introduction, but they were doing an interview and then I had to leave so it never happened.


In the hotel Lobby, Laura introduces us to this same singer I knew that I was supposed to have met weeks prior who also attends the school and is getting her masters.  Of course we have an instant connection, great conversation (her granmother comes through from the other side) and a wonderful dinner.  She also confirmed that she remembered our mutual friend requesting the introduction and also out of character felt very strongly that she should meet me as well.  Ok at this point I know where this weekend is going... magic magic magic.   We head to the cabaret.

The cabaret was great... lots of raw talent and it was in a barn in the middle of vermont... seriously how cool is that... after the cabaret, we head back to Laura's room, grab a gallon of Long Island Ice Tea (my personal fav)  that she'd gotten for the occasion and head to the dance party.  We dance our asses off with a whole bunch of really cool people for hours.

As if that wasn't awesome enough, Laura then tells us that there is going to be a bonfire on the other side of campus... As we head to the bonfire, I think to myself, and say to my spirit guides, Wow guys, this weekend is more magical than anyone but you even knows... It's the weirdest thing but being a hopeless romantic, for as long as I can remember I'd wanted to experience a bonfire and I finallly got to when I was in St. Kitts.  I was so excited about it and it had all the potential for a memory of a lifetime and should have been but instead it proved to be one of the absolute worst experiences of my life, so here was a chance to reclaim that experience.

You could feel the positive energy waaaaaay before we reached the bonfire.  There were already a fair amount of people already there.  We sat down and two brilliant guitarists started to play.  Singers (including my new kindred friend) began singing.  I just sat there with a big smile on my face... healing.  Happy to be there.  Happy to be me.  Happy to be surrounded by so many amazing people both that I knew and had just met and nothing but positive energy.  And just when I didn't think it could get any better, someone randomly handed me a djembe (pronounced jembay) drum... an african drum... I just "happen" to have 2 of them at home and it used to be my instrument of choice back at our impromptu jam sessions in the dorms.  I played and played till my hands hurt and then I played more... I looked over to see that 2 of my friends were also given instruments and were playing away as well.  What an incredible night.

We left Vermont to head back to Brooklyn, with an extra passenger - the singer who I'd connected with who lives here too.  As we drove back, with no loss for words and some of the best conversations I've ever had in a truck full of nothing but unconditional love, I felt so grateful for my life, my constant magical experiences, my ever growing group of only positive peeps surrounding me...and with a big smile, I said to myself... God I love my life!!!

LISTEN UP PEEPS -Positive brings positive.  Practice positivity and positive and magical things have to happen to you and negative things and people will just naturally fall to the wayside.  I'm off to another positive and magical weekend... hope you have one too!!

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