I went with a friend of mine to the country to visit her sister who was waiting for a UPS delivery.  She was very excited, almost desperate to get her package.  We sat on her porch and I decided I'd be more quiet to allow them to catch up.  My friend hadn't seen her sister in a while and was very excited to be finally spending quality time with her.  In observing their conversation, I noticed that my friend was doing all the talking while her sister was very preoccupied.  Finally, I suppose she couldn't take it anymore, "What's up?" my friend asked her.  "Oh, just waiting on my package," she replied.  As the (one sided) conversation ensued, it was past obvious that her sister was totally somewhere else.  I tried to ignore it, feeling bad for my friend and hoping her sister would focus back in on the visit - there is nothing more unappealing and pointless than talking to someone who isn't listening.  Even though my friend seemed hurt and I thought it kinda rude, we didn't take it personally, knowing her sister's "me me me" personality and how selfish and impatient she can be.

After some time she clearly couldn't sit still so she jumped up, ran inside, grabbed her keys, came back out and said, "I'll be back in a few guys, I'm going to drive around and see if I can find the UPS guy.  It's a small town, how far can he be?"  We were blown.  Was she kidding?  Who chases the UPS truck around.  We said nothing, just sat there in amazement as her sister drove away on her mission.  We poured a glass of wine, sat back and enjoyed being in nature and fell into great conversation as we always do when we heard the rumble of (yep you guessed it) the UPS truck coming around the corner.  Mind you only about 4 minutes had passed since her sister had sped off in hot pursuit.  The friendly delivery guy came out, chatted with us for a second, dropped off her package then went on his merry way.

FLASH FORWARD... 3 hours later...

We are having a grand ole time on the porch.  Feet kicked back, glass of wine, laughing at a story my friend is telling me when up drives sis, stressed and frantic.  She jumps out of the car and bounds up the porch steps complaining that she found him nowhere.  We let her vent and ramble on for oh about another 10 minutes or so when finally my friend calmly hands her the package to which she snatches it, sighs in exasperation and marches inside the house as if we'd done something wrong.  Wow... so not the visit that my friend (or myself) were looking forward to.

LISTEN UP PEEPS... Anxiety (which is a form of fear) coupled with the desire to control a situation will ruin anything.  Chasing the "UPS truck" is a pointless venture that will have you running around in circles and essentially missing the good stuff in life.  So CHILL OUT.  Enjoy what you have right here, right now.  Don't be like the sister who didn't even see the blessing of my friend sitting right in front of her because she was so preoccupied with what she convinced herself was more important.  Forcing or trying to control things will only make them worse.  You (like the sister) will miss awesome opportunities and experiences and at the very least will stress yourself out; which then in turn will definitely lower your vibration.  Instead, relax and appreciate the moment knowing that things will present and work themselves out perfectly and exactly when and as they are supposed to.

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