url-3 I call it "yipping" It's that nit-picky, naggy thing that people do when they are desperately trying to gain control. I call it yipping because, "Yip yip yip yip yip" is all I hear when they do it...there words get lost for me.  This auto-translation thing that I've taught my head to do is probably a defense mechanism to help me to choose my battles wisely.  See if I actually listen to the words, my ego would get involved and I'd probably react... and sometimes I do (thank God there is no such thing as perfect.)  Now some have honed the art of yipping to the place of precision and will really work a nerve or ten.  They will push every button you have in order to get a rise out of you because that's their way of getting attention and a false sense of power and control.

LISTEN UP PEEPS...the power is not in fighting back... the power is in choosing your battles.  There CANNOT be an argument if you don't engage... it's that simple.  If someone wants to argue with you and you don't argue with them, they can't. So you tell me, who's got the power?

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