I just spoke to a friend who is going through a stressful time. She said that she was trying to calm herself down and just get through it. I shared this with her and I know it will help you too. I've been going through major life changes (wow that sounds so dramatic) since the beginning of the year. At first, I admit, I was a bit shaken because my life as I knew it, changed in one moment. After the initial shock, I needed to feel better, so I decided to find the opportunity in all of the madness. There's always an opportunity in every situation if you seek it out. Well, I discovered something that enables me to deal with anything that comes my way. Hello freedom!

I was going to be in the situation either way, so I decided it was my chance to try to see a "bad" situation in a different way than I usually would. What if I didn't look at this situation as bad at all? What if I didn't make any judgement on it, even if others wanted to? What if I saw it as an adventure that would surely lead me to something much much better.


It's not the situation, or the change that comes from it, that is bad or stressful, it's my belief, oulook and attachment to a specific outcome that makes me freak out. WHOA, this was huge!

I knew I needed to figure out a way to see my situation (and any future "bad" situations) differently. NO MORE JUDGEMENT. NO MORE EXPECTATIONS. NO MORE ASUUMPTIONS (that one outcome was better than another.) I knew it wasn't going to be easy to change the habbit of going to a place of "Aw shit," so, I  came up with a series of questions that have really helped me in those moments. So now, the second I hear myself say, "Aw shit," to a situation or a change, I immediately ask myself these:

  1. Is this situation really bad, or is it that I have invested in an outcome that I think is best for me?
  2. Isn't it probable that there is a greater plan at work here that I'm too human (and therefore limited) to see?
  3. Aren't there unseen forces (Higher power, Guides, Speople, Angels) that always have my back? (The answer here is HELL YES by the way.)
  4. Don't things always somehow work out for me (even if it's not in the way I want, isn't it usually in the way I need)?
  5. Finally (and this is my fave) when all is said and done (because like everything, this too shall totally pass, it always does) who do I want to have been through it all? A raving lunatic? Someone nasty who takes it out on my "loved ones" (being abusive is never an act of love!) Or a loving being who faced a trying time with faith, love, grace and the expectation of something better?

This is how I have found my power, my stregnth, my peace and even enjoyment at times in situations that I would have considered "bad." On the flip side, what it has done is attract amazingly loving and supportive people and situations that prove that it's just change that will ultimately bring me to a much better place. It actually already has.

Listen up Peeps... Like it or not, life is not stagnant and change is going to happen to you. However, change is just change, nothing more, unless you judge it or invest in a specific outcome. Ask for what is best for you and to be led to it as quickly and blissfully as possible. Then trust that the unseen forces will ALWAYS see the greater plan and the quicker route and  work tirelessly to guide you to it.

Remember, the Universe loves speed so sometimes the road will get bumpy. So what. Bumpy doesn't mean bad, again, don't judge it. Remember, you chose to be on this physical plane for experiences.  You wouldn't go white water rafting and then complain that it was wild ride. It's what you signed up for so try to enjoy it as much as possible. See every situation as an adventure that has the potential to lead you to something else bigger and better. I promise if you allow it, it always will!

How do you get through your "tough times?" Holla at me.