A High School buddy of mine posted about how much she misses her mom with Mother's day coming up tomorrow.  It hit me in my heart and inspired me to write... Sue, I hope this brings you even just a little peace...

I'm not sure if it was the way she listened to me so intently as if everything I said was going to change the world, or if it was her naive essence that would say things like, "Well sport, you will just have to go sing at the Apollo Theatre when you have the time," (Yes she really said that to me when I was 19, as if they would just work around my schedule.) I think though it is her laugh that I actually miss the most.  My mom was what I called "fluffy," adorably round, which made her laugh all the more delicious. It would start with her body moving slowly up and down and get harder and harder until she couldn't contain it.  Tears would run down her eyes until finally she would belt out in laughter.  Even if you were in the worst mood, you couldn't help but crack up with her.  I particularly LOVED when this happened in church on Sundays, which it did on a regular.

As most of you already know, my mom is crossed over 7 plus years now.  Despite that I have the gift of speaking to Speople (spirit people aka the "dead,") every day in my work, and am very much in touch with mom, I still feel the pain of missing her in the physical... A LOT.

We live in the physical realm, thus, how we know to experience each other.  I've come to understand the term “to lose someone.”  I think it’s actually a really good way of describing what we call death because THEY (our loved ones) aren’t really gone, they just aren't in physical form anymore, so THEY are lost from our sight, but I promise you THEY are still with you.  Although my gift sometimes allows me to see THEM with my physical eyes, I often see them with my “spiritual eyes,” which in all actuality, is more like a mix of feeling and seeing with my minds eye, which you can learn to do.  It doesn't matter if you don't have the gift that I have, we all feel energy and you already know what they look like so you can conjure a mental image easily.

OK... With an open mind, try this…You will need a loved one to do this with and you can take turns…

Find a quiet room and stand near each other, not physically touching though

  • One person, close your eyes.
  • In silence, just feel them next to you.  Simply feel their presence.
  • Now try to feel their specific energy – the stuff that makes them who they are.
  • Once you feel their energy, tell them to leave the room. Your eyes remained closed.
  • Feel the difference in the room when they aren’t there, when their energy is gone.
  • Tell them to come back in.  Feel their energy again.
  • Do this a few times, each time be farther away from each other learning how to feel energy no matter near or far.

Now put on socks or find a carpet

  • Close your eyes.  There should be complete silence now throughout the whole thing.
  • The one whose eyes are not closed should leave the room quietly and randomly (after a couple minutes) without telling the one with eyes closed.
  • The one with eyes closed should try to tell when they are no longer in the room and then again when they return.

The more you practice this, the more you will heighten your awareness to the presence of energies.  This is how you too can “see” your loved one that has crossed – you learn to feel their energy the same way that you felt your “living” loved one in the exercise.  You already know their essence, so you will know it is them.  Your spirit will recognize them because their essence does not changed.

I know it's not the same as actually having them here in physical form, but I hope it at least helps you some (as it has me) to know that they aren’t really gone and that we will totally be reunited with them one day.   Ooooooh one other thing… when you do feel THEM around you, please acknowledge them, let them know you “see” them.  Speak to them, the same way you would if they were physically here.  Think of how weird it would be to walk into a room and not be recognized... Ummm...awkward.  Also, be patient with yourself, it will all feel a little (OK a lot) weird, at first but after a bit, like anything new, you'll get the hang of it.

Listen up peeps...To all of you who still have mom here on the physical plane... Cherish her.  Appreciate her.  Thank her.  It aint an easy job and there is no manual for it.  And for all my peeps that have lost their mom, like me, I truly am sorry for your terrible loss.  I promise you, though, that they are still around you ALL the time.  And even though it's not the same as when they were here on the physical plane, they can still be a very very big part of your day to day.  Mom's will move mountains from over there, trust me, mine does it all the time.

Happy Mother's Day Mom, Mrs. S. and to ALL Mom's both here and on the Other Side!


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