HUNKER DOWN!  HUNKER DOWN!  The worst hurricane in 50 years is about to hit NYC.  This is pretty much ALL I have heard for the last two days.  Between Facebook, Twitter, 24 hour news channels and word of mouth.  There was no doubt we would get slammed in ways that were unimaginable.  And when the storm arrived... INSERT CRICKET SOUND HERE

When I turned on CNN during (what was referred to as) the "Eye of the storm" to see Anderson Cooper's hair perfectly in place because there wasn't a single gust of wind blowing, I shook my head.  Now I'm not saying that some people didn't get affected (and my heart does genuinely goes out to them) so hold up on the hate mail.  I'm not even saying that we couldn't have been hit.  And I'm 100% in agreement with taking any and all NECESSARY precautions, safety is definitely smart.  But fueling the hype - and the media is notorious for this (I learned in Journalism school, "If it bleeds, it leads,") - doesn't help anyone in any way.

I'm talking about the real storm that I witnessed hit NYC in the last few days.  It's a storm called fear; a storm much more menacing than Irene could ever be.  See, fear has no boundaries whatsoever.  She is greedy and powerful.  She lures and expands, lures and expands, taking her captives one by one as we each fall prey to her tempting activities; obsessively watching the news for an update, listening to the hysterics of an already "Nervous Nelly" acquaintance or running back to an unsafe safety.


So maybe you won't create an actual hurricane but you surely will create a storm in your life if you are focused on one.  Clearly I'm not talking here about weather, I'm talking about your personal life situations.  If you operate from a place of fear and chaos, you will create more fear and chaos and as a result, you won't experience real love, peace or happiness.  Now, fear has many faces so don't be fooled.  It can be both overt and covert.  It's not always obvious.  It can look like drama, gossip, bitching, nagging, manipulation, control, accusations or fighting, to name just a few.  It is anything negative that takes your focus away from creating a positive, peaceful, loving life for you and yours.

In the last few days, with the impending threat of the hurricane, I've seen couples reunite that are absolutely toxic for each other, I've seen people go broke buying supplies they don't need.  I've seen people fleeing areas that were miles from the evacuation zones.  All because they were operating from a place of fear.  Fear is not fact!  Fact is... that when emergencies happen we handle them (and in NYC, we do it like rockstars.)  But I promise, you will never ever gain any sense of control by buying into fear.

SO LISTEN UP PEEPS... Look around you right now... Do you live in or surround yourself with people who are immersed in fear and/or chaos?  Are you buying in?  If so, ask yourself, "Do I want a life of fear, chaos and drama or do I want a life of Love, peace and happiness?"  If your answer is the latter, then start creating that life now.  Make choices about who and what you allow to be active in your life, rectify any hasty decisions you may have made out of fear and change your focus to more positive, loving, peaceful things and from this moment on... DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE.

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