If you're going through a tough, crappy or seemingly impossible time right now, you definitely want to read this. If not, awesome, but you'll want to read this as well because inevitably and unavoidably you will; it's part of this crazy adventure we call life. At some point in your journey, like it or not, we all hit “ speed bumps” albeit personal, financial, health or work related. Sometimes it's that you have way too many things on your plate and due to lack of time and/or resources, you have no idea how they will all get done. Well, what I learned recently is really going to help.


Now I need to say here that even for me, who lives and breathes the law of attraction, changing my thoughts isn't always easy at all. I have to constantly check in with myself and police my thoughts so to speak. I decide to come up with about 3 amazing scenarios starring me. (It's much easier to come up with them in advance when you are in a good head space, as opposed to when you are in the middle of bad thoughts.) So now with my scenerios in place, anytime a negative thought creeps in, I quickly “change the channel” to one of my happy thoughts. It's definitely work (scary thoughts seem so powerful when they attack) but the more I practice it, the easier it gets. I very unexpectedly find myself in an un-fun situation... Waaaaay too much on my financial plate and not nearly enough resources to take care of them. At first, with the initial shock, I sort of freeze and begin to imagine the absolute worst and it definitely sucks. The thoughts feel gross and the more I think them the worse I feel. I quickly remind myself that “what you think about, you bring about,” so I do my best to change my thoughts.

So here I am smack in the middle of this crappy situation which seems to be getting worse as more and more bills piles up with not enough to cover them. I'm pretty much at my wits end and about to throw in the towel, so I pray. I say a prayer that I came up with for moments just like this when I can't see my way out of something.

“Dear Universe... I will conclude nothing. Other than that there are options and opportunities that I'm not seeing. Please show me them now!”

About a week later, I'm walking back from a show and I start thinking about my situation. There's that nasty feeling again.  I start to get slow and sluggish and realize that I have 2 long blocks to go before I'm home.  The more I think, the worse it gets. Suddenly, I feel winded and I'm not sure if I'm about to catch an asthma attack or what because it's really cold outside and my throat and chest are tightening up.

I look up the street to see how far I have which only makes it worse. The next stop light looks miles away. I begin to panic. I'm so not trying to black out on the street in subzero weather at night time. In that moment, probably mainly out of fear and desperation, I set the goal of making it home and then decide to only look 5 feet in front of me, at any given time, for the rest of the way. If I can just walk another 5 feet and another and another and another, I know I will eventually get there. Finally, after what seems like hours, (really probably only about 10- 15 minutes) I realize that I'm in front of my building.  WOOHOO... I made it!

Safe and snuggly inside, I throw myself back in my recliner to think about what just happened. Spirit guides have a "funny" (to be said snarcastically - both snarky and sarcastic) way of teaching us things and I know mine were at work here big time. "5 feet" is a metaphor for life and for how to achieve success. Most importantly to me at the moment, it was showing me how to get out of my current situation.  If I just look "5 feet" ahead of me (meaning simply take care of what I can moment by moment) eventually I will reach my goal.

I check in with my Guides who confirm this and go on to tell me this on behalf of all of our guides...

"We will always do our part by guiding you if you allow us to. We will line things up in the best order to achieve your goal in the quickest and most beneficial way.  Most of the time though, you complicate things by thinking you know the best way to make it happen or by looking to do more than you need to at the moment. Remember, we have the greater perspective and universal timing is perfect. Although you may not understand what we are doing, and you may grow impatient with the timing, we assure you we only and always work for your best and highest good.  If you will just trust the process, and us, only do only what is in your power to do in each moment, and never focus on what you feel you can't do, you will achieve what is best for you in the quickest most beneficial way every time."

THEY then remind me of when I first learned how to play soccer when I was a kid.

"Keep an eye on the goal in the distance but never solely focus there.  You need to keep most of your focus on where you are especially when you have the ball. It's the same way with anything, it's ok to look out at the goal from time to time to make sure you are heading in the right direction, but when the ball is kicked to you, you must focus on playing it and moving forward."


Boy do my guides know me. Make it a soccer analogy and ding, ding, ding. Holy crap, this truly applies to every situation. All I need to do is set the goal and then move "5 feet" at a time toward it. Sounds simple right? Not always. "But what about fear thoughts?" I ask them. "We are human ya know, fear creeps in."

THEY then reference the first part of the serenity prayer which I am vaguely familiar with...

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

They tell me to say it whenever I get scared, or want to try to control things and to really think about what I'm saying as I say it and it will help.

It sure has. I've been doing this now for over a month and I'm making slow but very steady progress. I have no doubt whatsoever that I will reach my goal if I just keep looking only 5ft in front of me, playing the ball (doing the work that comes to me) every time it's kicked to me and having unwavering trust in the process, universal timing and my guides.

LISTEN UP PEEPS: Life isn't always going to be perfect and peachy, I can promise you that. But that doesn't mean you can't handle whatever comes your way... YOU CAN!  Whether you're in a tough situation that you want to get out of, or if you are setting a goal to expand yourself, keep your focus on just 5ft ahead of you and do only what you can within that range. Remember your guides and your Speople are helping you, so you are never alone. Trust the process and the perfection of Universal timing and DON'T QUIT. There is no situation bigger than God so keep that faith and you will reach your goal!