You’re no victim here! Fear is NOT naturally bigger and badder than you! It’s a choice, YOU choose it! You make the active choice to look away from growth, evolution and potential and instead choose what you’ve disillusioned yourself to believe is safety. Don’t believe the hype! Just because you’ve done something for a period of time, doesn’t make it’s right for you now, it makes it a habit. At any given point, if something doesn’t serve you anymore, you have the right to choose something that does. So when you ask for something different and the Universe starts to immediately take you towards it, which it will, your part is to make choices that help the journey along. 

Real talk... Those choices will be uncomfortable at first because you’ve been doing something else, so be willing to be out of your comfort zone for a bit. Keep your focus on your desire. Know that not only is it possible, but that you deserve it. And whenever fear (with the help of his best friend ego) tries to lure you back, look away and remind yourself that growth and evolution is your birthright! #energywisdom PASS IT ON!