I walked into the MOMA with two friends.  It was a beautiful Friday afternoon and the MOMA has "Free Friday's" so we thought we would just go (all of us being creatives) and get inspired.  After waiting on a line that wrapped around the corner, we finally along with what seemed like thousands of others entered the mammoth museum.  It had been quite sometime since I have been to a Museum.  As a kid I recall hating them and as an adult I just get a sour feeling in my stomach whenever someone suggests a trip to one.  Never really pondered why just knew it didn't entice me.  I finally realized why this day. After about a half hour there, I started to get very agitated, started moving slowly and feeling sick.  I suddenly had of the worst headaches of my life.  My vision blurred and my concentration was shot.  I felt lost, confused, anxious, feisty, scattered, u name it, I felt it.  Then, walking from one room to the other with one friend, I suddenly felt a crippling pain shoot up my right leg to the point where I had to hold onto the wall and let the pain pass.  "Oh my god, are you alright?" She asked.   I couldn't speak the pain was so intense, I thought I may pass out.  Just then a man walked through with a cane limping grimacing in pain.  Yup, his right leg was messed up.  She looked at his leg, then looked at me holding my leg and we were both like "WHOA!" It totally dawned on me that I had forgotten to do something critical to my well being before walking into any crowded place.

I am an empath.  We actually all are (to some degree)... .

Derived from the word empathy, an empath usually refers to someone who is highly sensitive to other peoples feelings both emotional and physical.  Not only do empaths feel others feelings, like we all do to some degree, but unless they are aware of what is happening, they are susceptible to taking those feelings on as their own.  27335_ElectricityMany empaths are accused of being moody or "too sensitive.  They can go from one mood to another, usually after a change in environment or coming into contact with someone albeit in person or via electronics.  So it's like one second you are happy and then you enter a room of people or someone enters the room that's lets say sad and suddenly the empath will become sad.  When I empath, I sometimes actually take on the mannerisms of someone else.  I don't feel at all like myself, because it's someone elses energy.   Unfamiliar with the feelings many times I just get lethargic, want to be by myself or sleep.

So what are some things you can do to lessen the effects empathing?

First, get into the habit of what I call "bubbling" yourself on a daily but especially when you are going into a heavily populated place or going to be around peeps that you don't know or know to be negative. (Keep in mind here that negative isn't only referring to mean peeps but also to depressed or anxious or any other feeling that doesn't feel good.)  Bubbling is basically visualizing protective blockades around you to keep negative energy out.  Here are some examples that I've either thought of or picked up along the way...

PROTECTION BUBBLE - Visualize a bubble around you (think Glinda the good witch in wizard of oz.)  It is made of the positive energy of your higher power.  It protects you so that nothing gets in.

RING OF FIRE - Visualize a ring of fire around you so that any negative energy burns off when it comes at you.

MIRROR RING - Visualize a mirror ring around you.  The mirror part faces outward so that any negativity coming your way will bounce off and away from you.

MAGNETIC JACKET - Visualize wearing a magnetic jacket and that all the negative energy sticks to it and then you can just take it off and shake it off.

BUBBLE VACUUM - If for any reason I forget to "bubble" I then the do a different visualization I place a bubble around me and visualize a vacuum in the top of it sucking out all the negative energy and then immediately i put the other bubbles around me.

LAKE DIP - Again, if for any reason I forget to "bubble" this is another "energy remover" visualization.  Now this may sound a bit corny but it totally works.  I imagine a lake, but this water is sacred.  A huge loving hand (my higher power) grabs me around the head and dips me into the lake, removing all negativity and then immediately bubbles me in light when i come out.

IS THIS MINE - Another good habit to get into is to ask "Is this mine?"  Meaning does this feeling I'm getting belong to me.  Makes you aware that it's not your energy.  It should start to lift almost immediately after asking the question.

IT'S GOOD TO BE   insert your name here     The next step to the question "Is this mine?"  Saying, "It's good to be (insert your name)  focuses your energy back to you.  Look it can't hurt and will definitely help if you are taking on someone else's energy.

SALT - Epsom or any salt baths are great I am partial to lavender smelling ones.  Salt pulls out negative energy.  If you can't take a bath in the moment of empathing a shower will help wash negativity away.  Visualize the negative energy going down the drain.  I use salt scrubs and Ruda soap when showering negative away.

BAKING SODA - Same as salt.  In your bath will extract negative energy.

WATER - I can't say enough how critical water is.  If you empath the way I do, we probably need about 3 times the amount of water that someone else needs.Hydration is key in keeping energy flowing through you and in flushing negativity out.

WALKS (IN NATURE) - I notice that when I take daily walks, especially in nature, I remain more grounded longer.  In other words, I can handle the empathing much better.  It clears my mind and again helps the energy to keep flowing.

So there you have it PEEPS... As promised to many of you, Empathing 101.  You can use any or all of these protective devices in any manner you think feels right to you or make up your own.  The important thing is to just make sure you do something to  bubble yourself.  If you have any protection devices you'd care to share, please do tell.

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