CONTINUED... For the best results, read EMPATHING 101 before reading the answer to the question...


There are 2 parts to manging empathing... PROTECT AND REDIRECT


Now when I say protect, I’m talking protection from the energy of others.  There are both metaphysical and physical practices that you can engage in to actively protect yourself from unwanted negative energy...


These are practices of the mind and spirit that require visualization and belief, nothing more.  Now listen, before you go eye rolling or anything, you know that I'm the last person on earth that is any type of airy fairy, tree hugging or unnecessarily cumbaya.  The reality is though that "Thoughts are things," and I'm sure we have all heard that before.  Well they are things that move energy toward you and away from you so visualization in my opinion is the greatest and easiest metaphysical tool you have in ridding yourself of unwanted energy.  The following are some visualizations I use all the time to keep negative energy away from me.

PROTECTION BUBBLE – You always here people talking about putting a circle of "God's (or whatever you call your higher power) light around you.  Well peeps, it really works.  Visualize a bubble around you (think Glinda the good witch in wizard of oz.)  It is made of the positive energy of your higher power.  It protects you so that nothing gets in.  Get into the habit of "bubbling" yourself on a daily but especially when you are going into a heavily populated place (like when I went to the MOMA- see Empathing 101) or going to be around peeps that you don’t know or do know to be negative. (Keep in mind here that negative isn’t only referring to mean peeps but also to depressed or anxious or any other feeling that doesn’t feel good.)

RING OF FIRE – Visualize a ring of fire around you so any negative energy burns off when it comes nearyou.

MIRROR RING – Visualize a mirror ring around you.  Think of yourself in the hole of a huge wedding band except the outside of it is mirrored so that any negativity coming your way will bounce off and away from you and go back to where it came from so that the person can deal with their own stuff..

MAGNETIC JACKET – Visualize wearing a magnetic jacket or sweater and that all the negative energy sticks to it and then you can just take it off and shake it off but imagine the particles going back to where they came from so that the person can deal with their own stuff.

WATERFALL – Visualize a waterfall all around you but instead of going from top to bottom it shoots up from the floor to the sky.  This cleanses any negative energy that is trying to come in into pure positive energy.

BUBBLE VACUUM – If for any reason I forget to “bubble” I place a bubble around me and visualize a vacuum in the top of it sucking out all the negative energy and then immediately i put the other bubbles around me.

LAKE DIP – Again, if for any reason I forget to “bubble” this is another “energy remover” visualization.  Now this may sound a bit corny but it totally works.  I imagine a magical lake, the water is sacred.  A huge loving hand (my higher power) grabs me around the head and dips me into the lake, removing all negativity and then immediately bubbles me in light when i come out.

IS THIS MINE – Another good habit to get into is to ask “Is this mine?”  Meaning does this feeling I’m getting belong to me.  If it’s not, it should start to lift almost immediately after asking the question.  This is really effective when done with the following 2.

ITS GOOD TO BE – Say, “Its good to be insert your name here.  I'm grateful to be insert your name here. Whatever isn't mine, please send it back to whoever it belongs to so that they can deal with their own stuff.” This is really effective when done with the previous and the next one.

CALLING ALL ENERGY – Call your energy back to you.  Say, "All the energy that belongs to insert your name here must return immediately to insert your name here.  This is really effective when done with the previous 2.


Please keep in mind that energy is actually a physical thing and just because we don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.  Imagine dust particles.  We only see them when the light is on them, but they still exist in the dark.  So when you think of energy, think of it that way and some of the physical practices will make a lot more sense.

BURN BABY BURN -Burn white sage, kyphe, dragons blood, sweetgrass or any other clearing material - I do this pretty much daily before and after each reading and just in general in my home to clear out any negativity that may have found it's way in

WATER – I can’t say enough how critical water is.  If you empath the way I do, we probably need to drink about 3 times the normal suggested amount of water.  Hydration is key in keeping energy flowing through you and in flushing negativity out.  I find that ice water is particularly good for bringing me back to me.  Also water can get rid of negative energy in the form of a shower or a bath (see salt - no pun intended, well maybe - it's next.  Again, the colder the better as it constricts so the energy literally shrinks.

SALT – Sea Salt (Epsom and bath salts are ok too) transmutes and releases negative energy.  If you can’t take a bath when you feel negative energy on you, take a shower, it will definitely help wash it away (the colder the better because it constricts things which disallows the energy to expand.)  Take 3 tablespoons of sea salt, 3 tablespoons of coconut or olive oil and dilute it with 1 cup of hot water you can pour it over your head and rub it into your body when you shower and it's like a negative-be-gone elixir.  I also use salt scrubs and Ruda soap (get in botanica) to wash the negative away.  To strengthen this, while showering or when you are finished your bath, visualize the negative energy being washed off of you and going down the drain and the universe changing it back to positive.

MEDITATION - At the very least sit with yourself for 15 minutes in the beginning of every day to ground yourself and speak to your guides.  Tell them know what your expectations for the day are and ask them to allow you to take your journey and not wander into other’s gardens.

WALKS (IN NATURE) – I notice that when I take daily walks, especially in nature, I remain more grounded longer.  In other words, it clears my mind and releases negative energy.  Add a little gratitude in here and it will be empowered 10 fold.

HUG A TREE - Noooooo... Say it isn't so... I can't believe that I am saying this.

As you know, I'm as down to earth as they come and I've often claimed that I'm no a tree hugger... well, not until a client challenged me.  He said, "Next time you are empathing, place your hands on a tree (only during daytime when photosynthesis is taking place) and ask the tree to take the negativity from you and send it back (to the person it came from so they can work through their issues."  Well, apparently, the same way that it takes the Carbon Dioxide and changes it into Oxygen, it does the same with negative energy to positive.  

So... always a skeptic but never to the point of discounting something, I knew I had taken someone's energy so as promised, I went to a tree and ok, I admit, I only put one hand on it (in sort of a gangsta lean pose, c'mon now... I'm still Gemma) and to myself in my head (yep cause I felt real silly) I asked the tree to take it.  Imagine my shock when lo and behold, I started to feel lighter... Who'd a thunk?  So I stand corrected on tree hugging.  Hug away! Oh and btw... thank the tree when you are done, I know it sounds silly but it's a living thing and deserves your gratitude and I mean what the heck, you just hugged it so swagger already went out the window.

BRUSH IT OFF - . You hear peeps saying this all the time... "Just brush it off."  Well, they are right.  I know you think this is just an expression, well, it's not.  Literally brush yourself off, your arms, legs, your back, your head, all of you. Remember, think of dust, energy literally floats around us so brush yourself off as if that dust were clinging to you.  You'll instantaneously feel lighter. For best results do it outside and in nature if possible.  Envision all the bad stuff falling from your body and the universe sending it back to whoever it belongs to so that they can work through their own stuff.

SHAKE/SHRUG IT OFF- again literally.  Shake it out, flick your arms and shake your legs and envision the energy flying off you.  Then shrug your shoulders, move them up and down, to loosen up the energy that is sitting on them and brush it off.  Energy sometimes accumulates there and on top of your head.  Envision all the bad stuff falling from your body and the universe sending it back to whoever it belongs to so that they can work through their own stuff.

BLOW IT AWAY - A great way to clear energy out of you internally is to take a really deep breath and then exhale through your mouth forcefully.  Envision all the bad stuff exiting your body and the universe sending it back to whoever it belongs to so that they can work through their own stuff.  Then take a nice deep cleansing breath knowing that it is all positive stuff replacing the negative.

PROFESSIONAL HELP - Acupuncture, cupping, massage, reiki, reflexology are all great ways to release negative energy.

INTERNAL CLEANSE - Especially good if you're the one spreading the negative energy becauseyou're probably holding quite a bit inside - and it often stays stuck.  Colon and liver cleansing are great because stuck emotions often hang out in the colon, and anger usually hangs out in the liver.So if you pulled in any of that from anyone, you will flush it right out.


So when I started to really use my gift and the empathing got stronger, it took me a bit to get any kind of a handle on it, I'm still actually constantly practicing.  Simply by trial and error and living the experience along with talking to my guides, I figured out the whole protection part of it.  But it still left me feeling zapped and exhausted.  I meditated and asked my guides why and they explained that even thought I was doing the protection stuff (for the most part), there was still energy finding it’s way into me.  I got really frustrated.  How do I get rid of it I asked and they explained that I have to do two relatively simple things, protect myself (all the stuff we just discussed) and redirect any energy that got in by saying something like this to release it...

"I release all negative energy back to the universe to transmute into positive energy. I send loving/healing energy to who/whereever it came from help them to find peace and joy. Please fill me up with universal source light and back to balance."

You don’t even have to know the origin of the energy, just release it.  Oh and definitely remember to thank the universe for facilitating getting rid of the energy quickly and fully.

And there you have it.

Ok, PEEPS... let's review...There are 3 parts to empathing...Recognize, Protect, Redirect.

RECOGNIZE - Notice flare ups usually due to change of environment, electronic exchange or in person exchange.  If you think it’s someone elses, it probably is.  Assume so knowing that what’s yours will not go anywhere..

PROTECT - Use both physical and metaphysical tools of protection on a daily basis to keep you protected from pulling in negative energy.

REDIRECT - Release all negative energy back to the Universe to transmute to positive.

Now go out into the world confident that you can handle anything thrown your way.

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