My bicycle was stolen yesterday.  I bought it only 3 weeks ago and it wasn't cheap.  It was my birthday gift to myself. It's weird, those first seconds that you realize you've been violated.  They are completely surreal.  Like your brain can't fathom that something like this may have happened.  I live in a "good neighborhood." In a "secure" building that had a bike rack in a "locked" garage and as if that isn't enough "security," I locked it with 2 locks.

So for any of you who have ever thought, "Wow, it must be great to be a psychic because you get the easy road in your own journey"... Big wrong.  We get nothing!  No more insight than anyone else.  That's right, I can help you see your stuff but to see my own, I'd have to see another psychic.

Now my first reaction to the bike being gone was anything but zen.  It was the normal reaction you'd expect.  Once it sank in that someone really took it, I was pissed and probably more so hurt.  I mean c'mon... really?  I had saved for that bike and was very proud to treat myself to it.  Once I "expressed," myself,  I came back upstairs to my apartment and as always, his timing, impeccable, my awesome 19 year old son JD says, "Well Mom, you would ask, "Why do you think it happened, like what is the reason?"  Ever want to hug and punch someone at the same time?

But, I quickly remembered all of my beliefs, the same beliefs that JD was raised on, and reminded me of in my moment of distress.   Not just is there a reason for everything but sometimes (and this is the real sucky part) we won't know what it is, we just have to know that there is a reason.  Faith.  One of the hardest yet most freeing things to master.  Also, I reminded myself that I create my own reality, so somewhere I asked for something that this is a part of.  In other words nothing is by mistake and everything (both "positive" and "negative") is what it is so that you can be led to exactly where you are suppose to go.

SO LISTEN UP PEEPS... Am I happy about my bike being stolen?  HELL NO!  Do I believe there is a reason?  HELL YES.  Right now that's all I need to know.  THEY got me, THEY always do, even if I don't understand why it happened or like it.  EVERYTHING both "positive" and "negative" is exactly what it should be and if I don't allow myself to be clouded with anger and hostility, I will see the next sign that will continue to lead me to exactly where I need to go.

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