Expect Magic

Drivin to work this morning I was looking for a parking spot as usual and  just as I pull up to my building, I see a guy getting out of his car.  "Damn!" I say, "He just got my spot."  (It's so funny how we so readily claim what's not really ours eh?) Anyway, I quickly decide that instead of getting mad, I was going to change it up so I think to myself, "That's because THEY have something better in mind for me."  So I turned the corner to circle the block again and out of nowhere, this guy motions and calls to me from the corner.  I open my window to see what he wants and I kid you not, he asks, "Are you looking for a parking spot?"  My jaw damn near drops off - it's funny because even with what I do, this kind of stuff surprises me every time.  "Yes" I reply to him somewhat cautiously.  He smiles and then points to the same street where my self-proclaimed original parking spot was and says, "middle of the block," and heads off in that direction.  Still in awe, I circle imagesaround the block and in perfect time (of course) we meet by his truck which gives me a big juicy parking spot that's up the same street, but closer to my job than the original one I'd wanted.  Expect magic to happen.  It will! Holla at me peeps!!!  VIEW/POST A COMMENT