As you already know, I am extremely allergic to animals and it's probably on purpose.  I probably chose to put that in my chart before coming here because I knew that I would have gotten so lost in love with them that I may have done nothing else.  I absolutely love animals (I did have a little hamster named Sniffles whom I loved very much when I was a kid) and it kills me sometimes that I can't physically get close to them. However, I do get to communicate with animals that have crossed over very often and that makes me happy.  One of my clients who has a particularly big heart for our fab furry (and feathered etc.) friends recently wrote with a concern about them...

"I was hoping you could remind me, with words, that death is not the end, just a transition, so I could stop feeling so sad about people who poach lions and treat animals inhumanely and so forth."

Christina... thanks for inspiring me to write this...

My son JD had a dog named Simba out at his dads house where he spent pretty much every (if not every other) weekend and summers until he was 17.  Simba, a beautiful and playful rottweiler, was born when JD was 2 years old so they literally grew up together.  When JD was 17, because of sports obligations, he didn't go to his dads quite as often and at one point it may have been 3 weeks or a month between visits.  When he finally got out there, as usual, he went downstairs to drop his bag in his room which was also where Simba's bed was.  Knowing the house so well he didn't turn the light on because he was only going to drop it and go back up to see his father's family.  As always, Simba rubbed up against his leg and JD, hands full, just said, "Hey, Simba," dropped his bag on his bed and proceeded back upstairs to visit with his dad, his grandparents and his uncles.  When he returned upstairs he noticed everyone looking at him as if they were waiting for him to say something.  JD asked why they were looking at him like that and they proceeded to tell him that during the time he was away, Simba had died and that was why his bed wasn't down there anymore.  JD froze for a sec, went back downstairs, light on this time, and in fact, no bed, no Simba, well not in physical form anyway.  But JD knew, without a second of doubt, that Simba was there and that he felt him the same way he always did.  Not being told by others or by his eyes that Simba wasn't there, he felt Simba's presence as real as any other time.

Not only do we ALL continue on after this "life," but animals actually transition the easiest.  They are the purest energy of us all so they don't fight it for one second.  When they know it's time, they simply go, and crossing for them is as easy as walking from one room to the next and coming back to visit, as Simba did, is just as simple. I have met so many animals during readings and from what I hear, when we cross, they are the first ones to run to us and greet us.  I put the word life in quotes earlier because according to all the fabulous Speople I've had the pleasure of meeting through readings, they (who reside on the other side) are much more alive than we are and the other side is where our real lives actually happen.  We are all ETERNAL beings.  That means forever.  This, our "life" on the earth plane, is just a temporary experience that we've all chosen to have to learn spiritual lessons at a faster rate than possible on the other side.  Why is it faster?  Because there is no "Negativity" on the other side and "Negativity," which is relative of course gives us the opportunity to learn stuff faster.  Let's take for instance the poaching of animals.  Very easy to see as "Negative," right?  BUT...Let's for one second as hard as it is, try to throw any judgment of it to the wayside and think of it differently.  Try to disconnect any emotion or judgment from it and keeping in mind that this is not "real life," but a place for spiritual lessons and see it the way you'd see a rock on the ground... as just a rock.  OK, with that let me present it to you in another way...

What if an animal knowing it's an eternal being is fully aware that in coming to earth it will act as a teacher (animals are great teachers) or part of a lesson for someone(s)? What if that animal, that great teacher, is happy to help?  What if that animal knowing it's an eternal being (meaning "death" doesn't really exist) is fully aware that life, eternal life, is amazing on the other side and is sure that it will return perfectly back home when the lesson it has helped with is over?  What if the lesson is compassion and love?  What if the animal doesn't look at this life the way most of us do (as the end all, be all) but simply as a quick trip to teach a very valuable lesson?  What if someone here on this earth plane is shut down to compassion and can therefore not experience real love with another person?  What if that same person sees this treatment of animals and feels compassion and as a result of that lesson in love and compassion is now able to have a healthy happy relationship with another person?  What a wonderful spiritual lesson that animal taught and what a wonderful gift it has given.  I can promise you that animal is running and playing on the other side the second that lesson is over.

Now before I get mad hate mail, I am in no way... wait let me say that louder I AM IN NO WAY advocating ANY kind of cruelty to any living being.  No way, not at all, I'd never choose that in my garden.  I'm simply saying that sometimes there is more to situations than meets the eye, a greater picture if you will.  Understandably (because we lose our memory of the other side when we decide to come here as that also helps with our spiritual growth) we give so much weight to the physical aspects of this "life" that we forget about the bigger part, the spiritual part.  Eternal life, our spiritual life, is our real life.  The other side is our real home.  We are just here for a quick sec the way a kid goes to college for a bit.  Keepin it human and real though, I've got to be honest and say from a personal place, it gives me great relief and some pleasure to also know that whoever is doing harmful things to any living being will have to face the worst judge of all, themselves, when they get to the other side.

The other side is an amazing place where it is all positive and we can experience anything we want in the snap of a finger because we aren't dragging around these heavy bodies.  Whatever we want for as long as we want (time doesn't exist, we have eternity).  We still hang with our peeps and play with our animals, listen to music, create great works of art etc.  Everything we do here we can do there with the absence of negativity.  One of the biggest spiritual lessons of being here is actually dealing with the fact that we don't have total recall of home (the other side) so finding faith is a huge one.  Christina you seem to be well on your way to doing just that and I promise you that not only are all those Lions better than OK, but you can actually interact with them and all the other animals when it's your time to return home.

LISTEN UP PEEPS...  I guarantee you that there is definitely life after this "life."  I see proof of that every single day in my work connecting clients to their Speople and pets.  Please know that your Speople as well as your Fab furry (etc.) friends are more alive than ever.  They are with you and willing to help you on your journey and will be there to greet you when it is your time to return home.

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