When my kid was 9, we lived in a studio apartment in a cool, diverse but expensive neighborhood, here in Brooklyn, NY, that I knew he’d thrive in. I wanted to upgrade to a bigger space in the same neighborhood, but as a single mom with a limited income, I was pretty frozen in fear and couldn’t figure out how to make it happen. Aware of how the Law of Attraction works - just ask and leave “the how” to the Universe - I did just that... “Universe/God please lead me to an affordable 2 bedroom in the same hood.” 

When my studio caught fire, I didn’t connect it to my request right away. I was too caught up in not having a home.. Through a crazy (and I mean crazy) series of events, we got knocked around for like 3-4 months and ultimately landed in a 2 bedroom apartment, in the same neighborhood. In hindsight, I know my fear blinded me to any possibility of finding that other place, so the Universe did what it needed to move me forward. 

When something doesn’t go as planned and you judge it as bad, you’re pretty much saying that the (finite little) way you think something should happen is the one and only right way... BIG FAT LIE! I get that we're all the hero of our own epics, but don’t block your blessings. The Universe has a much much (did I say MUCH) greater perspective than you and I. So, when you ask for something (and you want it in this lifetime, not the lazy river 10 lifetimes from now plan) the Universe sees the quickest way possible and immediately starts to direct you to it. 

It ain’t always pretty! Actually, often it’s not because you’re rooted so deep in your current sitch and too afraid to change it, that the only option is to jar you out. So what you may judge as failure or a bad (because it’s uncomfortable) is really just the Universe moving you toward what you’ve asked for. #energywisdom PASS IT ON!