WOW WOW WOW.  I had the most amazing time and am definitely gonna miss Key West and all it gave me.  There is no way that I can recount the endless amazing magical events that happened but I will share a few of my particular faves. I must start with THE SCOOTER... OMG I loved scootin around town and to the beach and especially up and down the coast line.  Pure freedom!!!!

Everything from A-Z was perfect.  The accommodations, the staff, the other guests, the new friends I made.   Oh... and I even performed (singing) 2 nights in a row.  Yup, that's right. Here's what happened...

So I think I mentioned that singing was my first love but I shut it down for many, many years.  Recently, I decided to go back to it and started taking lessons.  So when the singer at the place I was staying at went on break and offered the microphone to anyone who wanted to fill in, one of the new people I'd met said c'mon, let's go do something (we'd been talking about our love for music and she told me she played guitar and I told her I sing.) At first I thought HELL NO, I'm way to shy and nervous and not ready yet.  But then I thought, wait, I'm in key west, I've had a cocktail or two and I really like these peeps... what's the worse thing that can happen?  I suck, we laugh and it's no big.  Then I remembered all the super empowering words my amazing voice coach has said to me and next thing I knew I was at the mic.  I gotta admit... we did kinda rock it!  But more importantly was that I stepped through my fear and just went for it.  I was flying high on that moment.

But if that wasn't enough to make me float for days, the next night, when we down to the bar area, the same singer was there, this time she was hosting karaoke night.  I had no intention to sing as I felt like I had my big moment the night before so I was just socializing with everyone there when suddenly I hear, "So... my little friend from Brooklyn over there in the corner (yep that would be me) is going to close out the night for us.  She sang up here last night and lemme tell you she has one bad ass voice."  And with that, she brought me up for another performance to which she harmonized with me.  Unexpected and amazing.

Another awesome thing I experienced was a hand reader.  I'd heard of palm readers but only right before my trip did I ever hear of hand reading.  A friend of mine gave me a really good one which I was glad because when the idea that we go to this hand reader in town came up, I was totally open to it because of my experience only a week or so earlier.  Well... I don't know if it was his timing, what he said, or the intense energy passing between he and I, but it was super powerful!  He was totally on point with most of what he said and like I said, I really needed to hear what he said when he said it.  How would I describe it?  It's not as specific as a psychic reading, it's more general like, "You have healing hands and will heal all those you come in contact with," or "You will have a long-term, life-long partner who will be very loving and faithful to you."  Things of that nature, but it's hard to describe the experience for what it is.  You know you are hearing truth is the best way I can say it, it just resonates in your spirit and you know it to be truth.  Anyway... I walked away feeling really good.

So like I said, I will definitely miss Key West, and I will definitely be back!!!

We arrived in Sawgrass Florida right outside the Everglades in just enough time to check into the hotel and sleep.  The plan was to get up and go on an airboat tour through "The glades," as the locals seem to refer to them.  At around 9:30 this morning, I was soaring through this amazing swampland.  It was incredible.  We stopped when the captain of the boat spotted an aligator.  We were really close to it.  Once again, I anticipated being scared if I'd ever be that close, but once again I surprised myself when I wasn't.  He even threw it some vegetation and it came up and snatched it up and I was like COOL!

My final fearless moment came when we the tour came to an end and we got to go through an area where there was live alligators and other reptiles and also other animals, sort of a mini zoo but more pertaining to the Everglades.  I had heard them mention being able to hold a baby alligator and thought HELL to the NO!!!! That is most definitely where I draw the line.  This in my head was not negotiable.  I don't do reptiles... EVER.  Well... guess what happened next...

Yep... that's right peeps... NEVER SAY NEVER!!! He was actually sorta soft and not scary at all.  Ok... my pinkies were kinda up in the air but whatevs... I did it... And that was the grand finale.  What an amazing journey I had.  I think I learned a few things from this trip...

LISTEN UP PEEPS - Drop expectations and just let stuff unfold, that's where magic and the unexpected will happen.  Also, if you THINK you are afraid of something, try it anyway.  Usually fear is conjured and amplified in our minds and the actual thing we are afraid of isn't half as scary as the movie we have made in our minds.  Finally... ask your Speeps for great stuff (like I did with my Florida trip) and trust and believe and it will manifest.

I'm about to board my plane now to head back to the NYC.  I have a radio interview tonight (6/1)   CLICK HERE for that info.  Thanks for coming along with me on my amazing journey.


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