Best gift you can ever give you! I'm not saying it's easy to move past the hurt and pain but holding on to it only hurts you more. You're not a punk either, it's an act of self love! I'm sure you've heard the saying, "Not forgiving someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die." You matter more! 

Now be clear that forgiveness never means you're condoning abusive behavior, nor does it necessarily mean that person gets the privilege of you in their life. It just means you're not staying stuck in a painful place that lied and told you "you're not good enough or worth it." Someone's dumbass choice to hurt you is about them, never you! So don't close your heart as a result. It needs to be open to be able to receive all things joyful and abundant. Holding onto anger and resentment is the very opposite of that, so don't play yourself. 

I was recently reminded of a dope forgiveness exercise... Close your eyes and imagine you're sitting across from the person who wronged you. You're each holding opposite ends of a thick rope. Tell them everything they did that hurt you as passionately and emotionally as you need to... Say it all. Then tell them you forgive them and cut the rope releasing them and your anger to God/Universe. I finished mine by saying "I love you Gem." 1000 lbs immediately lifted!#energywisdom PASS IT ON! Repost this! Tag someone who needs this!