"Wait, wait, wait... Lemme get this straight...You don't have a day job Gemma?  And have no plan to get another one?  You meditate and work out and 'read people' and blog and call that work.  You don't like to have a set schedule and you don't really make plans. It sounds like a bunch of excuses to be lazy and irresponsible if you ask me.  There is only one way to get have to work hard and bust your ass if you want to get anywhere in life?  My days are packed from morning until night.  I always have a plan.  In my world your "work" days are what I call vacation." "Are you happy?" I asked

"It's not about happiness, it's about getting ahead and your way will never make that happen."

"So what your saying is that your way is valid and correct to advance and my way is just wrong and irresponsible so I won't?" (I just wanted to make sure I was hearing right.)


Ummm... judgemental party of one, your table is ready!  WOW!!

This, by the way, was an actual conversation that a friend of an acquaintance of mine thought was appropriate to have with me this past weekend.  I was almost offended.


See peeps, I don't think there is an absolute right or wrong per se.  There is just right or wrong for me, but that's for me and only me to determine.  We are just 2 different people with 2 different perspectives living different lives.  Don't judge mine.  If you are happy with your garden then you don't need to tend mine.  Just because you don't understand how i operate, doesn't EVER give you the right to sit in judgment of me (or anyone else.)  I don't like to clutter my life with having something to do every single second.  I like my life to be peaceful.  I take care of my business and do my work very thoroughly and efficiently. I like seeing what comes up and being spontaneous.  I don't need a plan to make me feel valid.

You may like your life to be filled with something to do every second.  I could ask you why.  Why are you afraid to slow down? Why must you make yourself feel worthwhile with plans and activities?  Why are you tending my Garden? Well that's what i could say if I wanted to judge you that is, but I don't because I like my garden, so I don't need to put yours down.  I'm too busy enjoying mine.  I have worked very hard to make my garden perfect for me.  I have carefully chosen everything in it.  And check it out, if you are busy tending mine then you must not like yours so much, so maybe you want to reconsider what you are choosing to put into it.

Ok maybe i was a little offended.  Listen, I'm no Dali Lama or Mother Theresa so the fact that she thought it was OK to impose her judgments on me straight up pissed me off.  Being judgmental in my book is almost as ugly as being self absorbed (so caught up in your own stuff that you don't consider others - but that's a whole other post.)

LISTEN UP PEEPS... Just because you think your way is right, doesn't make someone elses wrong, that makes you judgmental.  Tend to your own garden and appreciate and respect others.  There is great beauty in diversity, find it and if you can't then mind your business.  If you ever find that you are looking enviously over someones fence and hating on their garden or judging it, realize that it's only because your garden is not what you want it to be, then start to make the changes to make it everything you want.

You are the master of your own creation...if you don't like what you have created, don't hate on those that do, take responsibility and change it up so that maybe one day you will be happy and content just being in yours.  And if someone is looking in your garden and judging it, know that they are only doing that because they are avoiding, and as a result, neglecting their own which is only going to make their weeding twice as long and hard.  Just ignore them and keep tending to yours.

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