So I was watching a law of attraction (LOA) video.  It was suggested that to practice creating your own reality, you should think of trite things first, like butterflies or feathers or something that is no big deal to you, to bring into your reality.  Not to think anything specific of them but just to think of them and you will call them into your experience.  I decided to try it yesterday.  Before I went out for a walk around Brooklyn (my hometown in NYC) I decided I would think of something that was no big deal to me but as well, I wanted it to be something that was not normal to see around the city.  I had just had a conversation with a friend about the wild west so I decided on saddles.  I sat down and for a little more than a minute (as suggested on the video - that it only takes 68 seconds to launch a rocket of desire into the universe) and thought of saddles, I thought about the leather that makes them and what it feels to sit in one and how they look on horses (in particular for some reason I saw a red-brown horse with a rust colored saddle and a white horse with a black one) I just basically focused on saddles. That was it and then I didn't give it another thought.  I think maybe that's a big part of allowing something to come to you - not to obsess on it because that's actually fear that it won't cp,e.  Expecting that it will means you don't have to think about it because you know it is on it's way.   Think of it like this... You order something on line.  Once it is ordered, you don't have to really think about it for another second, you just know it will come to you.   That's pretty much how the LOA works.  You put in your order to the universe and then just assume and expect it is on it's way.

So I left for my walk.  I cruised around town not really thinking of anything in particular just enjoying being out and about.  It started to drizzle so I went into a coffee shop and got a coffee.  I sat in there for a bit watching two little babies bound about exploring everything, that made me smile.  Eventually,  I decided to head home.  I would have normally gone one way to get home but something drew me another way that was a little longer, but like I said, I was drawn.  I didn't even get half a block when I saw people standing staring toward the middle of the street.  Lo and behold,  2 horses were being loaded into a truck... Yup you guessed it, one was red-brown with a rust colored saddle and the other a white horse with a black one.  I stopped dead in my tracks and smiled one of the biggest smiles ever.  Right there in the middle of a busy city street in the middle of winter were my saddles.  Unbelievable.

Listen up Peeps,  I'm on mission to become a master creator, join me. We really do have the power to create our own reality, we just have to learn how and then the possibilities are truly endless.

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