"Gemma?  Yes, this is she.

Ok this is it... This is that call." 

I lost my breath and doubled over.

"Was it peaceful for her?"

Now shaking, my chest tightening by the second.

"Yes, very, she just seemed to go to sleep."

I will never forget that phone call I received Monday, November 17, 2003, the day my mom died.  Even as I write this today, tears stream down my face and I go right back to that moment and right back to the last time we spoke.  I miss her...alot.

Now you'd think that with all the validation I get on a daily that we continue on after we die and with communicating with my mom (on the other side) all the time would make it easier.  You would think that being a medium I wouldn't be affected as much as others by death.  But the simple truth is that I too live in this physical realm where we have physical communication and interaction with others.  So while I need to disconnect some when I read for others and rationally I know that someone transitioning from physical to spiritual for them is a beautiful thing, it still royally sucks and hurts like hell when it directly affects me.


With that said, I am so grateful to have been blessed with the gift of communication between worlds and for the comfort and peace that it gives my clients and myself.  As I tell them, I can wholeheartedly assure you that there is more than just this life and this world.  Life doesn't just end we actually continue on to our real life, we go home.

So the term "Lose someone," is actually a really good way of putting it because they aren't really gone, we just don't have them here in the physical anymore, but I promise you THEY are still very much alive, travel with you and can still be a very big and active part of your life.

How you ask?  Talk to them, just like if they were here.  Ask them for things, for guidance and for advice.  And when you do, be sure to listen for the answer.  I can't tell you how many times I hear, "But Gemma I talk to my dad all the time," and then I ask, "But do you listen to what he has to say back," SILENCE.  OOPSY.  Now keep in mind that it definitely takes a bit of practice to hear them or to recognize a sign or symbol they may use to communicate their answer to you, so try not to get discouraged or give up.

Think of it like this... None of us knew how to text 10 years ago but we quickly learned that new form of communication and now we can't even fathom life without it.  Well, it's the same thing with communicating with your Speople (spirit people) on the other side, so practice practice practice.  Ask them to bring you something or to show you a sign.  What do you have to lose for trying it?  Exactly, nothing, so give it a shot.

I know it's not the same as actually having them here in physical form, but I hope it will at least help you (as it has me) to know that they aren't gone and that you can still communicate with them in another way.  Now one more thing... when you do feel THEM around you, for goodness sake acknowledge them, say hi and let them know that you are aware of their presence. I mean seriously how would you feel if you came into a room and everyone ignored you?  Oh...which reminds me of the whole point to this post.  To shout out the most amazing woman I've ever known...

Mom...I'm thinking of you today on the anniversary of your journey Home eight years ago.  I love you and miss you (in the physical) terribly; your stories, your laugh, your wisdom, your constant unwavering, unconditional love.  I'm glad that we chose each other in this life as mother and daughter and that you still remain with me all the time and continue to be a very VERY active part of my life!  Thank you for the blessing that you were, are and will always be.

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