A great reading started the day off... Damn I love my work!!!  I meet such awesome peeps and speeps.   Then it was on the road for 4 hours to Miami.  Anyone who knows anything about me knows that road trips are my absolute favorite.  They symbolize life and have taught me to just take my time and enjoy the scenery as I meander toward the next destination. Greeted by 90 plus degree weather.  "The strip," which literally sits right next to South Beach Miami was hopping.  When I say hopping, I'm not playing or exaggerating one bit.  I mean it took us like a half hour just to drive like 4 or 5 blocks.  I asked someone what's up and he said that this (Memorial day weekend) is by far the busiest weekend in Miami.  Ummm wow... no kidding... I'm from NY and I gotta say... I've never seen anything like this.  Besides swarms of people in the street, on the sidewalk and everywhere else they were able to populate, let's just say, the dress is a bit different than NYC.  Hardly any dark colors and hmmmmm, let's see, how do I describe? Well,  in two words... BARE (the operative word) minimum and tourniquet tight.  Toto... I'm definitely not in Brooklyn anymore.  But I'm soooo not hating Miami... It's just... ummm different and one must appreciate different right?

When I decided to embarked on this journey, I decided that I'd have no expectations.  I'd just go with the flow and experience whatever comes my way.  So as unexpected as this "scene" was, I had a huge smile on my face because like I said, it was a totally different scene than I'm used to.  We found a cool Mexican restaurant where we had to valet the car because the streets were closed to public parking  because of the big weekend and we sat at an outside table drinking fancy cocktails watching all the peeps go by.  It was awesome and to say the least very entertaining.

After dinner we walked down "the strip" to hear explosions of cheers coming from different bars and restaurants.  I finally asked a guy what's going on and he said that the Miami Heat was playing a finals game or something in Basketball.  Now I'm not really a basketball fan but immediately knew that it was probably time to make our exit because if they won, we probably wouldn't be able to drive out for a while if peeps decided to take the celebrations to the streets.  Driving back to the hotel, I got a glimpse of the city of Miami... It was really cool to look at.  Wow...another great day!!

Listen up peeps... On your journey, whether it be life in general or an actual physical place, please let go of your expectations and just allow things to happen.  You are guaranteed new, interesting and exciting experiences that you won't have if you try to control everything.


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