Ok so you will often hear me say about my life, "It's like every day is Christmas," but I'm not even joking Peeps, my reality really is.  Wow... I really love my life and the magical experiences that seem to come to me on a daily.  So what's got me buzzing today.? Ok... flashback to an event I attended last evening.  I met this amazing woman.  A brilliant artist who walks fully in her truth (and it don't get better than that.)  During the course of our conversation, she made some astrological references.  I briefly thought to myself...man I wish I knew more about astrology in general but also how it relates to me individually.

C'mon peeps, by now we know what happens next... that's right..CUE TALENT...

So I meet another awesome woman today who yep, you guessed it, does my astrological chart.   It's crazy because someone recently reminded me that I pretty much have "instant karma" well if this doesn't prove that theory...  Did I mention I LOVE my life.

I gotta tell ya... this stuff (Astrology and the whole sign thing) is no joke.  It's soooo much more than that corney old pick up line they used to use.  It's a real science and has a whole language of it's own which I don't understand yet but here are some of the things I learned about me... I will put what she said in orange so that when I throw my two cents in you will know the difference.

"All your planets are lined up! Very intense.  You and I have a nice connection as well.  Everything in the 8th house - that's talkin to the other side.  Amazing chart for what you do.  The 8th house is money from other people, DEATH, sex and to a certain extent mysticism.  Your soul essence - your sun sign and your emotions - the moon, as well as mercury - the way you think and communicate are all in that house.  You are definitely doing the work you were born to do..."

NiiiiiiiiCE... Me likey!!  She then went on to say

"You are very strong, positive, freethinking, tuned into  trends, individualistic.  Jupiter the planet of positivity and luck is on your sun... Right now, you have a lot going on -- a very exciting transit, possibly the most in your life, and a more challenging aspect, although not so bad, that peaked earlier this month, it's like two unrelated things going on that muddy up the water..."

Ummm wow... totally true!

"... The exciting aspect is taking center stage now, and look for the end of the month and December, especially the first two weeks to be very exciting... It's all about the 8th house -- oh and you could be having the best sex of your life... I'm just saying..."

(Contemplated editing that out but you know me peeps gotta keep it real so that's verbatim what she said.  And gotta admit... not hatin on that idea at all... jussayin.)

"...and $$$$$ - something sudden."

Not really hatin on that idea either.

It got me to wondering though... how can she tell my future from a chart. Yeah that whole psychic thing... it intrigues me sometimes (he he.)  It's funny, I know horoscopes predict stuff but I've never really contemplated how.  When I thought about it though, I was like WHOA...Ok here's what I understand so far... (Bear with me, I'm still in kindergarten.)

Ok...so we are each born at a specific time on a specific day in a specific year at a specific place.  Now... At that specific time on that specific day in that specific year at that specific place, the planets are aligned in a specific way... From that information, an astrologer can determine, specific to you, what planets were in what "houses" or area of your life (love, money etc.)  With that knowledge, they can predict by the movement of the planets to different positions, what will happen for you in the future.  Again, I'm breaking it down to you from a kindergarten perspective because I am very young at this but this is what i have come up with so far.

I then really really thought about what that meant and about the likelyhood (or not) of two people having the same exact chart... It's crazy...think about it... Let's say you are born July 10, 1976 at 12:01pm in NYC.. Someone would have to be born in NYC on that exact day in that exact year at that exact time to have the same chart.  Pretty cool if you ask me.

Anyway... I think I may have been given a stepping stone of sorts (You see how every day is Christmas?)  I think I may be intrigued enough to look into studying Astrology... it would probably blend in nicely with this other little thing I do - ya know the whole seeing the future and talkin to dead peeps thang.

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Oh and by the way if you want your chart done, hit up the fabulous Lee at nydiva333@aol.com for more info.