"Gemma, I was so uncomfortable, I just couldn't wait to get the hell out of there,"  my client "Matt," said to me.  Besides being a psychic medium, I am also a spiritual life coach.  This conversation took place in our session this morning.  "Matt" and I agreed that it was a great lesson to share so he gave me his permission to post it but asked that I not use real names.  We were discussing a situation where he felt completely dishonored by something that "Gabby" the woman he is seeing said to him.

"It was a great night and then for no reason at all, she says this...I just didn't get it.  It came out of nowhere.  The rest of the night was shot for me.  Realizing that I now saw her in a totally different way, she ["Gabby"] tried repeatedly to explain her tactless words and how she didn't really mean them at all, but it didn't change that she said them, and to make it worse, she never actually said she was sorry.  You can't just ignore it when people show you who they really are Gemma.  I just kept hearing it over in my head and thinking, 'I don't want this type of woman.'  It made me sad though that I had really seen a future with "Gabby" and in one thoughtless moment, she totally changed that.  I sat there for the rest of the night, against my better judgment, feeling like a shell of me.  Finally after hours, I left."

There are two lessons here peeps, so listen up...


DON'T BE GABBY!  Be impeccable with your word.  ONLY say what you mean and mean what you say. Your words represent you so think before you speak.  Here's an example...I remember hearing a story where a woman was questioned by the police as a prime suspect for the murder of her boss, simply because in a fit of anger at a totally unrelated time, co-workers heard her say, "He got me so mad I could of killed him."  If by your words you represent yourself as dishonorable, then don't be surprised when you are looked upon as that, even if you are not.  So should you find yourself in a"Gabby" situation where you've misrepresented yourself with your words, I'd suggest that before anything else, you give a heartfelt apology followed by an honest explanation of why you felt the need to say what you did and then say who you really are.


DON'T BE A MATT!  You never HAVE to stay in any situation.  Like I told "Matt" the second you feel that you are being dishonored you can get up and go, with no explaination.  Be it a friendship, love thing, work place or even an interaction with a stranger, there is NOTHING more important than honoring your spirit and if someone is not doing that then they are not worthy or deserving of you,  your company or your explanation.  Trust me peeps... you will sleep better at night and wake in the morning feeling wonderful about yourself if you ALWAYS HONOR U!

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