A Simple Thing We All Can Do To Help Heal Our Wounded World

We tend to overlook a very powerful tool that we all possess and can all tap into right this second (and anytime we want) to begin to affect immediate change. EMOTIONAL ENERGY. Now before you blow this off as woo woo, I assure you it's not. It's very scientific in fact and worth knowing about. 

Simply put... the heart, like the brain, generates a powerful electromagnetic field which extends outside of the body. As a matter of fact, it's the largest electromagnetic field in the body. Emotional energy can be measured in the heart field. Experiments have proven that when one person feels something (emotions emitted into their heart field) that another person's heart field will in fact pick it up. I, along with scientists, can assure you that energy knows no boundaries and therefore can travel far and wide. This is the premise behind the expression; "we are all one" connected by our energy that is.

We feel each others pain, anger, hurt and sadness. Likewise, we can feel each other's love, positivity and good vibes. I surely feel and am affected by the wave of sadness, anger, confusion and hatred energy swirling in the atmosphere right now as a result of the recent hate shootings. I'm sure you're affected too, whether you’re aware of it or not. So here's the part we often forget or aren't aware of, we, to some extent, can control (or at least be aware of) what we are emitting out into the world. That's not to say you shouldn't feel what you feel, totally have your moments. Know however, that you can purposely focus emotion to help and heal others. 

Throwing fire on fire never puts out the flame. It adds to it and makes it bigger. Throwing something else (like water) on it, or suffocating it with something (like a blanket) does though. Hatred is fire. Love is the water or blanket that will extinguish it. Love isn’t just a bouquet of flowers, candy and hearts, those are materialistic expressions of love. Love is an energy. A powerful, powerful energy. One that gives a mother the strength to lift a car off her trapped child and could easily snuff the hell out of hate if used correctly and by enough of us together.

Focused, group-energy has a power that creates and changes stuff. Just take a look at history to see how mass negative belief emitted as emotional energy has been destructive. But what about mass prayer, hasn't that caused miracles to occur? It's all energy people.  All energy!

STOP what you're doing, just for a few seconds right now and close your eyes. Envision a stream of the light of your higher power (doesn't matter what you call it) pouring into the top of your head. Now imagine a shit ton of love, peace and healing blasting from your heart, flooding all those affected by this and all other hatred. And while you're at it, (hard as it may be) flood the haters too... to calm their ignorant asses down.

Let's unite and do this guys! Let's all intentionally, regularly focus our energy; for even a few seconds a day to change and heal our wounded world! Make this a daily practice. It's quick and simple. And even if you don't fully believe, you've read this far, so what the hell, why not try it anyway? It will definitely help others and will most likely lift your spirits too. #energywisdom Definitely PASS IT ON!