I Challenge You...

I really wanted to see the broadway show "Rent."  This was however back during a time when I was only working part time because I was raising my son and going full time to grad school.  In other words I didn't have the extra money to splurge on broadway tickets.  So I simply said to THEM (my spiritual committee from the other side that is headed up by my Mom Mary,) "I'd like to see the play "Rent." Can you make that happen please? Oh and by the way, I don't have the money for it so it needs to not cost me anything."  I kid you not... about a week or so later, atheatre_tickets_250x251 friend of mine calls me to say that her sister has to unexpectedly go out of town on business and had given her 2 tickets to see, yup you guessed it, "Rent," that she now was not going to be able to use, did I want to go?  YOUR CHALLENGE... Choose one thing that you want or want to change and ask THEM (yes believe it or not, you too have Speople - Spiritual People on the other side - that want to help you.) Ask them to either lay the stepping stones or to bring the peeps to you that can make it happen.  Even if you are skeptical (by the way... I'm the biggest skeptic you will ever meet.) Just try it and see what happens.   You've got nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.  Betcha you'll be suprised.  And hey, holla at me and let me know the results.

HINT - Try it with something that's not such a big deal do or die thing at first so you put no fear into it. 

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