Tis the season.... you found the perfect gift and head to the register. Ahhhhhh... ♫ Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose. Yuletide ♫... - INSERT CAR SCREECH SOUND HERE - you see the ridiculously long line to check out and suddenly...You're the Grinch. I was on line (a ridiculously long one) the other day waiting to make a Christmas purchase.  I use my "waiting time," to observe things that may spark a blog entry.  I watched the cashier ring up purchase after purchase with a big helpful smile on her face.  She made light conversation with every customer and seemed to genuinely enjoy her job.  Tapping into her energy made me feel good and I accepted that it would be a bit of a wait.  Suddenly my attention was pulled to the customer about 4 people  in front of me who was complaining, "I'm sick and tired of these damn lines, nothing can be simple." She looks at a few of us as if to bring us into her conversation, "Probably get up there and she won't have what I need anyway."  None of us engage.  (As an empath, if I do, I will way too quickly take on her energy, so to protect myself, I decide to focus back on the happy cashier.)

It's her turn and she approaches the cashier who greets her with a, "How are you today ma'am?"  To which she responds, already with attitude, "Well that all depends on your answer and I hope I didn't wait all this time for you to tell me you don't have this."  She slams a ticket down on the counter.  The cashier looks at her as if to say 'Are you kidding me?' She slowly picks up her phone and requests someone to check on the item, then looks at the customer no trace of a smile and says, "Step aside, they're checking."   "I waited my turn, now you wanna push me aside, " the customer attacks.  "Look around, you're not the only person waiting.  Now step aside,"  the cashier attacks back.  The customer, clearly disgruntled, steps aside.

The cashier continues ringing people up, and to her credit, goes right back to the cheerful, smiling, approachable person she was before dealing with the hostile customer, who continues to huff and puff with every completed transaction.  Eventually, the cashier's phone rings and without even looking at the customer, pushes her ticket back to her and mumbles, "Not in stock."  The customer storms out.url-2

The customer in front of me approaches the register and is greeted with a smile.  She proceeds to have light conversation with the cashier about this busy time of year as she nicely hands her a ticket  The cashier recognizes it as the same product the earlier hostile customer wanted.  "I'm so sorry, we are out of stock on this item, I just checked on it for the customer before."  The customer is obviously bummed but takes a very different approach than the earlier hostile one.  "Ok, well it's not your fault.  Any idea when you will get it in?" She asks.  "One minute," the cashier says looking like she got an idea.  "I'll be right back." She disappears for a few minutes.  While she's waiting, the customer at the register turns to some of us who are on line and apologizes for holding up the line.  "No worries," "It's expected at this time of year," are some of the responses she gets.

The cashier returns with a big smile on her face and the product in her hands.  "I suddenly remembered that we were supposed to get a shipment in today, you were so nice and I felt so bad that I wanted to make totally sure that we didn't have it before letting you leave.  Well, the shipment actually came in this morning.  It just hadn't been unpacked yet."  The customer's face lit up and you could feel the positive energy beaming from those of us on line that got to witness what just happened.

Two customers.  Same product. Very different approaches.  Very different results.

I'm going old school on the NUGGET here peeps.  Like my mom always said to me growing up, "Sport, you get more flies with honey than you do with vinegar."

YOUR CHALLENGE: During this holiday season, when you are shopping, remember why you are in the store in the first place.  Giving isn't just a material thing.  I challenge you 2 always give positive energy and always expect it in return.  If the grinch could do it so can you.

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