How many times have you heard the old saying, “You need to love yourselves before you can love someone else.”  I’ve been asked over and over, “How Gem, how do I just love myself, where do I begin?”  OK... Start here... Have you said, "I love you," to yourself today? Do you ever say it to yourself?  Well, get into the habit of telling yourself that you love you.  I know it sounds silly but how readily do we say I love you to others? Now at first, yes, it will feel silly and awkward... Most things initially do until you settle into them.  But... the more you do it, the more you (literally) do it.  In other words, the more you say I love you to yourself, the more you actually find yourself loving you by doing loving things and making loving choices for yourself.

So... Make it a habit.  Say it whenever you find yourself doing something loving for yourself or others, whenever you screw up, whenever you feel happy, whenever you feel crappy.  In other words... WHENEVER!  And please... as much as you can.  We say it so freely and so readily to others.  Start saying it as much if not more to yourself.

Listen up peeps... If you haven't already, right now, STOP what you are doing, find a mirrored surface (not critical but definitely better.)  Look at yourself and simply say, "I love you (insert your name here.)  Make sure you say your name, it will make you smile even more.

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