I’m so over people say shit like, “Well, ya know, no one said life's supposed to be easy.” or “Life’s a struggle” or “Life's about sacrifice.” Wait what? Who the hell made those rules and why are any of us choosing to live by them. The notion that life is supposed to be a series of heartache, trouble, compromise and sacrifice is a bunch of crap so please don’t buy into or perpetuate that lie. Life's exactly what you make it. So... tell yourself it’s hard, that you have no choice and that you’re a victim and that’s exactly what you’ll get. But you’re playing yourself. You create your reality by the choices you make and by what you focus on. 

You ALWAYS have the power to make a new choice. If you don’t like something or someone in your life, stop bitching about it and simply stop choosing it/them. Turn your attention onto what you would prefer. Take a moment right now to first own that you are the creator of your reality and everything and everyone you're allowing to stay in it. Then assess your current sitch... Is there anything or anyone that doesn’t make your spirit dance? Well... STOP FOCUSING on that! What would you prefer? FOCUS THERE! In no time you will start heading quickly toward your desire and the harder you focus, the quicker you'll go! #energywisdom PASS IT ON!